The Eastern Churches and St. Thomas Aquinas
(02-06-2012, 10:24 AM)su Wrote: That is true to a degree.

But it is the Eastern Catholic's fault you know.

They are fractured, they do not have written works like the Latin Church (hence, the suspicion you are jealous), and when asked, they don't really have much to offer.

I made a thread here a while back about Eastern Catholic practices that we should know. Very, very little was offered. For us to learn about the East, we have to search really, really hard. And often, it is lacking even then.

For the Latins, we get full manuals of theological teaching, many volumes of great works from every era, etc.

It seems that one must actually be a part of the Eastern Church to get anything from them.

Well, it's not our fault that we didn't move over here in the same amounts as Western Christians did (well, it is the actual person's choice whether they moved here or stayed in Europe, but not the current generations fault of the amount of Eastern Catholics in North America).

It's not our fault that many Eastern Catholics in North America were forced with the choice to either become Latin or become Orthodox.  We don't usually publish manuals of theological teaching because we don't have the numbers here or the money to make it possible.  The Melkite Church has some limited theological works of its own over here, but not much.  The Orthodox are using the same things and doing the same things that we do, and often times, what they have needs no correction for us to use it.  Therefore, we just use what they have.  And those works are dismissed by the Latins because they're not coming from a Catholic source.

So, yes, it may be our fault that we don't spend money we don't have, but if it weren't for anti-Eastern bias a hundred years ago, a few million people in this country who are Orthodox would have still been Catholic, so you might have had more works to look at.

I also don't remember you ever starting a thread about that.  Unless you are Rosarium?

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