The Eastern Churches and St. Thomas Aquinas
(02-06-2012, 02:05 AM)Resurrexi Wrote: None of the Fathers of the Church belonged to any of the rites of the Church as they were knwon in the mid-20th century. St. Augustine's Mass was very different from the Tridentine Mass, and St. John Chrysostom celebrated a liturgy was very different from the one medieval Byzantines ascribed to him. 

Different, but not very different.  If anything, the rites that the Fathers celebrated were even more elaborate than the medieval rites.  The structure of the services were basically the same:  there was a formal vesting of the celebrants and assistants, there were collects, the distinction between the epistle and gospel side (in some places, there were three sides, psalms being recited or led from an ambo outside the rails or iconostasis), the canon was more or less the same.  The vestments were more diverse, and the process for vesting the altar was more elaborate.  The kiss of peace of course was literal, but much more regulated than the free form glad handing that poses under the name in contemporary Catholic and certain Protestant services.  


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