The Eastern Churches and St. Thomas Aquinas
(02-06-2012, 01:08 PM)AxxeArp Wrote: Su, you are too hilarious!   You ask for a bibliography of Eastern writings and then when someone gives you an excellent example, you define things so narrowly that it is impossible to give a good example.   If we refer to St Basil or Chrysostem, you say, “oh, but that it is pre-schism, so it really isn’t Eastern at all.”  Then we refer to the Philokia and you say, “oh, that was written by Eastern Schismatics, so that doesn’t count either.”  So by your narrow view, Eastern Catholics are only allowed to refer to writings from ~ 1845 to today since most Eastern Catholic Churches were part of the Orthodox church prior to 1845.   It really seems unfair for you to demand that we produce a doctor of the church in only 150 years!

Defined so narrowly?

It had to be non-schismatic and heretical and not an ancient source which is already openly held in high esteem by the Latins.

The point is not there isn't anything, but that there is not a continuous bearing of this kind of fruit. The Eastern Church seems to have stopped at a certain point and refused to go any further. That is fine. It is not necessary, but it is also something which has to be acknowledged. And you yourself just acknowledged that there are major problems and gaps in the Eastern Church.

This is why St. Thomas is to be held in the highest esteem, even by those in the Eastern Church. Because the Western Church was contributing something which others did not. For example, pretend there are two parishes in a small city. One we'll call Parish A and the other Parish B. They both offer the sacraments, have the Mass, and give good spiritual direction to the people who belong to them. But, Parish A publishes books explaining and defending the faith and developing courses of study. Should the members of Parish B deride this effort or deny it being good?

Many traditional Catholics look towards the Eastern churches for being more free of modernist influence. That too is a good thing. It is the Mystical Body of Christ. It seems that the biggest problem Eastern Catholics face is trying to eliminate "Latinization" as if that is the biggest threat to the faith.

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