The Eastern Churches and St. Thomas Aquinas
(02-06-2012, 03:48 PM)Gerard Wrote: Since Vatican II a good number of Latin rite Catholics have taken solace in the Eastern rites.  They usually develop a great appreciation of it in the process, knowing they are "home" in the Catholic Church regardless of rite.  

I would hope that if a great problem in Liturgy or a massive apostasy occurred in the Eastern Churches, that Eastern Catholics would consider themselves "at home" in the TLM Latin Churches.  

I think many of us would try.  I occasionally go to TLM parishes to remind myslef what the Latin liturgy is like.  I certainly appreciate how traditional and reverent it is in comparison to the NO, and it is apparent to anyone with half a brain that the tridentine and byzantine liturgies are children of the same parent.  That being said, it is also apparent that, outside of that common, basic skeleton, the Latin and Byzantine traditions place entirely different emphases on the role of the liturgy.  My most recent visit was about three weeks ago to an FSSP parish in Harrisburg, PA (some here attend that parish).  The few people I interacted with were certainly friendly enough.  But the liturgy and spirituality behind it is very dry and feminine in comparison to what I am used to (and I am in no way saying that as a smack against the Latins).  While I may be able to take refuge in a tridentine parish, I don't know that I could ever feel at home there.  Based on the experience I have with tridentine liturgies, I think my faith would shrivel up and die if that was all I had.  After a while, it would be very hard for me to resist going to an Orthodox church, not to convert, just to go.  Maybe I wouldn't feel like that if I got to know people there, but that is how it feels to me if I had to make a guess about it now.

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