The Eastern Churches and St. Thomas Aquinas
VETUS, you are absolutely right, there is something that can be done, you and Su can keep your big mouths shut and stop spreading lies about Eastern Catholics.  Nothing causes more division than your slanders. 

You and Su started this thread specifically to spread lies about how “Eastern Catholics” have nothing but contempt for Thomas Aquinas.  That is absolute crap. I have no idea where you got this idea.  Then you and Su bait this entire thread with the “theory” that no good thought has come out of the east.  As soon as we try to defend ourselves, we are all of the sudden “causing division” and must be dealt with.    You and Su seem to be a very disturbed people with a strange hatred of Eastern Catholicism, so I’ll stop fueling your propaganda.

Melkite, you may want to stop responding to this thread since every response will be twisted  to make Eastern Catholics look foolish and heretical.

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