The Eastern Churches and St. Thomas Aquinas
(02-07-2012, 02:48 PM)Laetare Wrote:
(02-07-2012, 01:42 PM)Melkite Wrote: Trent, what heresy did I profess?  Private revelation CAN NOT BE binding.  No doctrine can be based on it fundamentally.  If you're taking info that only came from private revelation and declaring it de fide, you're the heretic, not me.  In adding to the faith, you have cut yourself off from it.

??? Why do you even stay in this thread, Melkite? The legalistic, mechanical attitude adopted by the West since late Scholasticism & the Renaissance has totally disconnected the two cultural/theological spheres. We're in for a rough ride in the next century of ecclesiastical history! Let's hope Christ comes sooner rather than later, so we don't have to bear lay Catholics calling out heresy on each other every five minutes!

This is a rather old accusation and one which can only arise from ignorance or bad faith.

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