The Eastern Churches and St. Thomas Aquinas
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(02-08-2012, 06:29 PM)Vetus Ordo Wrote: I don't disagree with you or with Dr. Ott for that matter.

I'm just saying that you acted rashly towards Melkite without due reason.

It may have been rash, but it was not false and thus deserves no apology.

I, like Vetus, don't disagree with you, but you were a jerk to Melktie, speaking rashly and harshly.  Being a jerk is something for which one ought to apologize, perhaps more so if in the right.  Ergo, you ought to apologize to Melkite.

Thanks for your honesty, but the answer is still no. I have no intention of apologising for stating a fact.

If you had a friend who was fat and not very smart, and you called him a moronic bucket of lard, you would owe him an apology for being a jackass even though, factually, he is fat and unintelligent.  Factuality is not always being in the right when dealing with fellow human beings.

That's leaving aside the fact that Melkite didn't say anything heretical on Purgatory.

A) its a very different situation, and
Quote: Even the Orthodox don't reject some kind of intermediary state, so what you have stated are not exact opposites.  Also, it is perfectly acceptable to believe Purgatory is not painful.  The only reason Latins 'know' it is painful is from private revelation, something that can NEVER be required for faith, thus not de fide.

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