The Eastern Churches and St. Thomas Aquinas
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No, it's pretty much the same.  Basic human respect, let alone Christian charity, applies equally in both places.


You accused him of spouting heresy, when perhaps you and he misunderstand each others use of words like "pain."  This is uncharitable and unmannerly, and requires an apology

Quote:Trent, what you seem to have failed to understand is that Melkite implicitly understood you to mean purgatorial fire, a theological opinion which is not De Fide.  He was not suggesting that there is no suffering, as he later stated, but that he was not required to view it in terms of visceral pain, which he is not in fact required to believe as a Catholic.  He is right that what is De Fide, even hardcore Orthodox leaders have accepted explicitly, so insisting that Purgatory is a dividing issue with Eastern Orthodox, let alone fellow Catholics, is silly.

Quote:No pain at all goes far beyond no purgatorial fire, I have no concern with what some orthodox leaders do or do not believe as they differ amongst themselves over this matter and over time.

If you don't care, why did you wrongfully assert that they were heretics on a topic on which they have assented to the De Fide teachings of the Holy Catholic Church?  Melkite, in this thread, has assented fully to these same De Fide teachings, as have all the EC and EO churches.  You owe him an apology for wrongfully throwing the word heretic around.

You misread what I said again  :eyeroll:

I have no intention of replying to your tiresome sanctimonious posts

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