The Eastern Churches and St. Thomas Aquinas
(02-08-2012, 06:58 PM)TrentCath Wrote: A) its a very different situation, and
Quote: Even the Orthodox don't reject some kind of intermediary state, so what you have stated are not exact opposites.  Also, it is perfectly acceptable to believe Purgatory is not painful.  The only reason Latins 'know' it is painful is from private revelation, something that can NEVER be required for faith, thus not de fide.

When I said painful, I was referring to physical pain, because generally that is what one would think of, especially when it is common among the Latins to believe there is fire in purgatory.  I personally don't call the place purgatory, and I don't believe there is any pain in the senses.  But certainly, knowing you could have gone straight to heaven and now have to wait longer because you didn't try hard enough to resist sin is going to cause suffering.  So I absolutely affirm that it is a place where there is necessary suffering, cleansing, but also a place of great joy because you still know that God loves you and one day you will be completely and thoroughly wrapped in that love.

Paramandur and Vetus, I appreciate you sticking up for me.  Especially you, vetus,  when I first saw that I really wondered if hell had not frozen over.  But if trent doesn't want to apologize, it's ok.  I don't rerally need one.  He's arguing for what he believes is the truth, and I'm sure you have both seen that I sometimes act rashly and emotionally trying to explain my position.  We're all good here.  I haven't taken any personal (at least not more than fleeting) offense from what trent has said.

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