The Eastern Churches and St. Thomas Aquinas
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(02-09-2012, 07:41 PM)Parmandur Wrote: Indeed, the Eastern reaction to Calvinistic Scholasticism was so allergic, they had to convene the Synod of Jerusalem to confront it:

The Synod of Jerusalem was convened to counteract the influence of Constantinople's patriarch Cyril Lucaris who strove for a reform of the Eastern Orthodox Church along Protestant and Calvinist lines.

Precisely.  There was also an incipient Calvinist movement in Russia that similarly was confronted by the Eastern Bishops.  This incursion of Calvinist Scholasticism forms a large part of Eastern responses to Western thought, I believe, to this day, which is necessary to understand why they might be leery of Scholastic methodology.  To overcome this, charity is necessary.

Scholasticism had been around for centuries before Calvin showed up. Your argument requires quite a leap of logic.

The East is leery of Scholastic methodology because it knows that it usually ends up with the student converting to Catholicism. That's the real reason.

Not so.  I know Eastern Scholastic-trained theologians, who have not converted.  Hell, I know Protestant Scholastics, in the mold of Wolf.

Read what Easterners say about St. Augustine.  They almost always adopt Calvinistic readings, "Augustine taught X, whereas the Orthodox Church says Y," where X is a Calvinist proposition, and Y is what St. Augustine taught.  There is a general ignorance in the East about the Scholastics, but it is not accurate to respond to ignorance by assuming bad will, but with enlightenment.  Also, remembering that reception is in the mode of the receiver, so sensitivity to the Eastern mindset is important when talking to them.  Melkite was scandalized because he thought TrentCath meant something other than what he meant by "pain," which led to all sorts of confusion.

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