The Pope's Message for World Day of the Sick -- Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jesus said to visit the sick.  Do you ever visit the sick (not counting members of your own family)?

It's inexcusable that so many sick people are homebound and have no social support in our society and it's something the Church, not the government, should correct.  It's also something that I think parishioners need to suggest and follow through with.  Parishioners have organized Eucharistic Adoration in many parishes in the past twenty years, with little or no assistance, just permission, from their priests.  If your parish has a good ministry to the homebound sick, it's unusual.  If one is in place, join it, rather than starting a new group. 

But if you find it very difficult to be around sick people, as many of us do, perhaps you can organize a campaign to send cards to shut-ins.  It could be part of the existing ministry to the homebound or a separate group.

Though "We Are Church" is usually used to mean "We Resist the Hierarchy", we could "repurpose" it to mean "We are the Church Militant, working to save our souls and those of others, in fidelity with the Pope".

Why not think about organizing a small group in your parish to send cards to the homebound sick in your parish?  Talk with your priest to be sure he'll support your efforts.  Get a friend or two interested, then put an announcement in the bulletin asking for more volunteers, emphasizing that volunteers can do this from their homes or meet in the parish hall.  One or two organizational meetings would be helpful.  Volunteers with little time can still communicate with at least one "shut-in".

A card or two a month, with bulletin enclosed if possible, would be well-received by the homebound.  Later on, start making phone calls to the sick, too, and maybe eventually you can organize visits.  It's a lot easier to visit someone when you've already "met" by phone. 

Be sure to pray for the sick, too.

Remember that what you do for the sick, you do for Jesus.


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