The Pope's Message for World Day of the Sick -- Saturday, February 11, 2012
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Jesus said to visit the sick.  Do you ever visit the sick (not counting members of your own family)?

It's inexcusable that so many sick people are homebound and have no social support in our society and it's something the Church, not the government, should correct.   It's also something that I think parishioners need to suggest and follow through with.  Parishioners have organized Eucharistic Adoration in many parishes in the past twenty years, with little or no assistance, just permission, from their priests.  If your parish has a good ministry to the homebound sick, it's unusual.  If one is in place, join it, rather than starting a new group. 

Go visit a Veterans hospital. My Brother just finished 6 months in K.U. medical center, followed by 16 months at a Vet's hospital.( And BTW.  I think that we need to definitely include members of our family. I have 4 siblings & they are just to busy to see him, though he's back in the city where we all live). If you really want to "visit the sick" take an Easter Lily to the recreation room of a VA. hospital. If you have a family member that is no longer strong & healthy, offer to go with him/her to the grocery store. Take them out to dinner, I do this every week, my brother & I also go often to the Library or just go for a short walk. It's really important, after they are released from the hospital to just fix a homemade meal, take it to their house & eat with them.


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