Silence by Shusaku Endo
Anybody read this book? What are your thoughts? Apparently, there is a movie coming out. It's Martin Scorsese, though.
Haven't read "Silence" but his "Life of Jesus" was very good.
I bought and read Silence in '06 or '07. It was a very good book. I loved it. It is the story of Fr. Rodrigues and the crisis of faith he undergoes in Japan after being sent there as one of two Portuguese missionary priests, in the early 17th century, after the persecution and expulsion of Catholicism from Japan.

I have been waiting for Martin Scorsese to make Silence for 4 years now. The delays in production and filming have become intolerable. Silence always got put on hold, while Scorsese went on to his next movie and another project instead. It seems it might finally happen soon for a 2013 release. All the info about the process of making the movie can found on the page Scorsese  for Silence on IMDB.  Martin Scorsese is an apostate and his Last Temptation of Christ was completely blasphemous garbage and the worst Jesus movie ever made. My only hope for the movie Silence, is if Scorsese remains completely faithful to the book and Shusaku Endo's vision.  

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