How would you feel about an Eastern Catholic Pontiff?
Sorry for the misunderstanding, Tim.  Would you please explain more about nature being falsely explained by reason?  Are you referring to scientism?

aquinas138 Wrote:What I am saying is that the manualist tradition and Scholasticism generally, precise and accurate as they are, tend to lack what made St. Thomas such a great figure in the history and life of the Church - penetrating reason wedded with a healthy mystical devotion. ... The divisions among Christians and the two "halves" of Christianity have set up an artificial opposition between dogmatics and mysticism, and an authentic renewal of theology will break down that barrier.

I'm in general agreement with you here, although I think a few exceptions can be made among the manualists.  I suppose I'm overly weary of further "contributions" being made by the nouvelle theologie, which should instead be trampled under foot.
(02-13-2012, 02:55 AM)City Smurf Wrote: Well the title says it all.  How would you feel about an Eastern Catholic being elected as the Bishop of Rome?

Above all I pray for a pope who is a lion at heart, thinks like a Catholic traditionally did and will celebrate Mass in the Extraordinary Form regularly and promote it.

If God puts it in an Eastern bishop's heart to do that, Deo Gratias! Anyway, God will do what He wants and I plan to just keep saying my prayers.

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