Will the gamble pay off? Divide and Conquer...
There are storm clouds gathering on the horizon and things could get ugly. I think it really depends more then anything else on whether or not bishops, priests and the laity are willing to get serious, vocal and uncompromising about proclaiming and living the Faith. Should it appear to the powers that be that the Catholic Church is becoming a force to be reckoned with after what seemed to be it's rotting twilight (the post Vatican II orgy of heresy, novelty and silence that has characterized the past few decades) they will unleash all the powers of hell on us to try to deal a deathblow that silences us forever so that no one is left to oppose their march toward a global culture of death. If us Catholics do not take these threats seriously or back down after making bold statements then the enemy knows we are weak and it will be business as uaual, but business as usual means we are slowly being robbed of our freedoms to worship and live as Catholics and we will eventually be forced to choose between Christ or Belial anyway. This is why I said previously that we should feel blessed that right now we can worship in realtive peace, wear our scapulars and crucifixes in public and perhaps even pray a rosary while we are walking down the street, not to mention some of us have access to daily Mass and with it Holy Communion. The way things are headed not just in the US but in the West in general there might be a time in the very near future when all that we have now will be taken away and we will have only our faith and the memories in our hearts. Now is the time to prepare and take advantage of all that we have access to.

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