Will the gamble pay off? Divide and Conquer...
I am willing to die on whatever hill God chooses me to die on.  I only pray I will be given the grace and strength to accept my martyrdom.

As for Obama, this isn't really much of a gamble.  The bishops are going to lose on this, big time.  They aren't used to being vociferous public defenders of the Faith.  Most of them are politicians of one form or another.  If things start to get a little rough, the bishops will dive beneath their cathedras like a barn cat hiding in a hay loft.  The bishops have ZERO moral authority at the moment and they only have themselves and their predecessors going back 50+ years to blame for it.  It would take years to rebuild that moral authority, and men in office actually willing to do the work to begin the rebuilding process.  Sadly, we have neither years nor (with a few noble exceptions) the men capable of recapturing their lost authority.

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