Will the gamble pay off? Divide and Conquer...
If the bishops act like barncats(which I tend to think you are right, I have no reason to view them otherwise) it will come down to each of us individual Catholics to uphold the Faith in our own lives and in the lives of our families come what may. We must each be prepared to look at everything through the eyes of the Faith and "in the species of eternity" as the saying goes so that we are not tempted to compromise no matter what, even if it costs us our jobs or our lives. I really believe that the time is coming very soon where we will be asked to choose between our Faith or prison or worse. We really do need lots of grace for when that happens. As the late Father Hardon once said in the light of eternity all the suffering in this life is worth the reward. If we can view things with an eye towards eternity all of our suffering can be put in perspective. Perhaps we ought to prepare ourselves by reflecting on this sort of thing. Hard times are ahead.

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