A Charity I Encourage You to Support

My big brother, an OB/GYN, and his wife are en route to Honduras where my brother will donate his doctoring skills to the local poor of the villages along the Cangrejal River basin, and his wife will be doing everything from nursing to setting up for medical teams to getting supplies.  While this mission isn't a Catholic one, it is a Christian one, and lives are saved. I personally vouch for this work and encourage anyone with a few spare bucks to help them out.

The Jungle Hospital Website: http://junglehospital.com/

In addition to straight-out donations, you can also participage in their "Build-A-Bag" programs by which you put together bags of things that new mothers, school children, and others need:  http://junglehospital.com/build-a-bag/.

And if you would, please add my brother and his wife's intentions to your prayers! Pray for the success of this medical mission of mercy!

I know this is strange but for our trip to Russia, we bought around $250 in prescription antibiotics and the like that we didn't end up needing at all.  I know programs lke doctors without borders can accept meds like this.  Can your brother use them?  I'd rather they went to a good cause . . .
I will ask him!  THANKS!!!
Yes! He can use them -- great!  I will PM you his address.. THANK YOU!!!
I am Vox's big brother.  Thanks Vox for placing our mission on the Fisheaters prayer list.  All prayer support is truly appreciated.  And thanks Fontevrault for considering our mission efforts.  We can always use spare antibiotics.  We're putting together a shipment of supplies here in AZ to be sent down in about one month, and we'll be moving down to Honduras shortly thereafter.  The link to Jungle Hospital that my sister posted above will give you all some idea of what God is calling us to accomplish down there among some of the poorest of the poor.

"Be good, love the Lord, pray for those who do not know Him. What a great grace it is to know God!"  -- St. Josephine Bakhita
John! I didn't know you had an account here! LOL  Awesome! I gave you a Gold Fishy :P  Anyway, you know I will be praying that you and A. do really good things for the people in Honduras. I KNOW you will :)

I'm also wanting to start a Novena for the intentions of your work down there. I will start that in early March when you head thataway -- and I'll put it in the "Oratory sub-forum" with the hopes that others will join with me!

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