2012 Review of Douglas Reed's "The Controversy of Zion"
..........had by 1947 become a secret police of formidable power in America. In
Doublespeak, ‘anti-defamation’ means ‘defamation’ and this body lived by calumny, using such terms as
anti-semite, fascist, rabble-rouser, Jew-baiter, Red-baiter, paranoiac, lunatic, madman, reactionary,
diehard, bigot and more of the like….In 1933, Mr. Bernard J Brown wrote, ‘Through the intervention of
the A DL we have succeeded in muzzling the non-Jewish press.’

Full article:

I think this part of the article needs to be posted for the benefit of those Christian Zionists amongst us.  Maybe they will see their error.

Quote:“Pull down and destroy; rule over all nations”

The theme of Reed’s book is repeated many times. It begins on page 123: “From the downfall of Babylon
to the revolution in France [1789] the ruling Talmudic Jews always acted as a destructive force among the
peoples ‘whither I have driven thee.’ This was inevitable, given the creed to which they adhered and the
fact that this religion was also The Law governing every act of their daily lives. Under the Judaic Law
they could not act differently, and were indeed condemned to remain ‘the destroyers forever’: ‘See, I have
this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdom, to root out, and to pull down and to destroy.’”
Although Reed is correct in seeing Israel as God’s “destroyer,” here we must, however, pause and fault
him for an anachronistic reading of Jeremiah 1:10. The “destroyer” image would fit much better in
Israel’s early history under Moses and Joshua, since at this writing of Jeremiah’s it is Judah herself who is
in the crosshairs of God’s judgment. In fact, the next chapter of Jeremiah begins God’s long tirade against
the Jews for their apostasy. They are the ones who will be “destroyed” by God, and he will use the
nations, in this case, Babylon, to do His handiwork. What Reed means to say is, despite God punishing
Judah for her sins, the Jews themselves would take these passages out of context and make themselves the
“destroyers” of the nations rather than admitting that God had used the nations to destroy them. The
delusion that the Jews were to become the “destroyers” even after they themselves had been destroyed
was the core impetus for their attempt at resurrecting themselves in the latter half of the second
millennium as “the Chosen People.”

In chapter 19, titled “The World Revolution,” Reed continues to point out the theme. Quoting from
Johann von Herder the German historian in 1791, he writes: “The ruder nations of Europe are willing
slaves of Jewish usury….The Jewish people is and remains in Europe and Asiatic people alien to our part
of the world, bound to that old law which it received in a distant climate, and which according to its own
confession it cannot do away with…It is indissolubly bound to an alien law that is hostile to all alien
people.”(133) Similarly, La Civiltà Cattlolica quotes the Jewish author Don Sebastiano Nicotra revealing
“the key to Jewish power”: ‘My sons, Jehovah is with us, and in his mercy he has reserved to us a
powerful weapon…that is to raise us in the midst of the nations of Christ and to subject them to our
domination. This force is named in the holy book, and it is called usury.’”9

The theme continues with Reed’s discussion of Benjamin Disraeli, who
became Lord Beaconsfield and head of the British government, and a Jew who
was a strong critic of the Zionists. Reed notes, “he was of the breed of the
Israelite prophet who denounced Judah.” The Jews, says Disraeli in a speech
given to the English House of Commons in 1852, were seeking to foment
revolution “because they wished to destroy Christianity” and that “the influence
of the Jews may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle in
Europe. An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against
religion and property….The natural equality of men and the abrogation of
property are proclaimed by the secret societies who form provisional
governments and men of Jewish race are found at the head of every one of
them”;(166) with Reed adding, “(exactly the same thing recurred in Russia in 1917, that is, seventy years
after the 1848 outbreaks).” Disraeli concluded, ‘the world is governed by very different personages from
what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes,’ and which Reed interprets, citing Zionist
historian Josef Kastein, as the “Jewish international…a league of powerful and wealthy men at the top,
under whose authority kings and princes, first, and republican presidents and politicians, next, equally
found themselves.”(181) In his 1869 publication Polénique contre les Juifs, Disraeli spoke of Jews in
international finance and intrigue who form “secret societies…and do not want constitutional
government…they want to change the tenure of land, to drive out the present owners of the soil, and to
put an end to ecclesiastical establishments.” At this same time, La Civiltà Cattlolica warned Catholics
against Jewish predatory practices: “The legitimacy of robbing Christians is impudently taught by the
rabbinical schools…Such is the teaching of Rabbi Pfefferkorn. ‘It is permissible to cheat a Christian as
much as possible. Usury imposed on a Christian is not only permissible but even a good work….a
Christian is so much to be plundered that he remains ruined,’” adding this: “And that the sinister codex of
the Talmud…commands hatred of all men who don’t have Jewish blood, and especially Christians, and
makes it licit to spoliate and ill-treat them like noxious beasts.”10 Almost as if La Civiltà had taken a page
from today’s Washington Times, it reported that the Viennese parliament complained that “our schools
are in the hands of the Hebrews, that our Christian teachers are suddenly put on trial as soon as the
slightest accusation against them has been made by the Hebrews; that our officials are unable to make
themselves known as Christians if they want to evade persecution; that our Christian newspapers are
continually confiscated,” adding, “it has control of education also, in such a way that the majority of the
texts being imposed on the elementary schools have been compiled by Hebrews,” and “the Hebrews make
themselves champions of the neutral public school, out of hatred of the Catholics, who wish to have free
Catholic schools for their children.” It further reports that in London “the Jews buy the press, for half of
the newspapers are in their powers, and they use it on behalf of their ideas” and in Rome “where is barely
to be found a liberally behaving daily newspaper that doesn’t depend on Israel….but what is worse,
entirely Jewish is the pornographic and irreligious press which sullies the country and has no equal in any
civilized place.”11

Reed notes that when Disraeli died in 1881 “the thing he had striven to avoid had come about: the ‘secret
societies’ had been welded into one world-revolutionary movement under Jewish control, and this was
preparing to blow up the foundations of the 20th century.”(172-3) The motto was: “‘Pull down and
destroy…rule over all nations’; the one destroyed in the East and the other secretly ruled in the
West.”(272) The 1848 Jewish revolution is described by Reed through “Rabbi Drach, who like Disraeli
foresaw what was coming, and published his indictment of the Talmud as the source of this disruptive
process.” Agreeing with Reed, La Civiltà quotes Drach revealing the essence of the Talmud: “The
Messiah has to be a great conqueror who puts the nations under the yoke of the Jews. They will anew take
possession of the Holy Land, victorious and loaded with the riches taken from the infidels….Then all the
peoples will be subject to the Jews….But one of these blessings is the greatly desired moment of the
slaughter of the Christians and of the complete extermination of the Nazarene’s sect.”12 La Civiltà also
pointed out “the work of Achille Laurent, which the Hebrews have taken nearly out of circulation because
it masterfully reveals the secrets of Talmudism regarding the extermination of Christian civilization.”13
Drach was severely persecuted by his fellow Jews but his warning was also voiced by Jewish writer
Morel who concluded, “what can the wisest measures of the authorities of all countries do against the vast
and permanent conspiracy of a people which, like a network as vast as it is strong, stretched over the
whole globe, brings its force to bear wherever an event occurs that interests the name of Israelite.”(173)
Things haven’t changed much. French citizen Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the Jewish former chief of the
International Monetary Fund, recently said: “I wake up every morning and think about how I can help
Israel.”14 Similarly, on October 11, 2011, Bill Handel, popular LA Jewish talkshow host said in reference
to the Wall Street protestors: “I’m not angry at Wall Street because this is my tribe who control Wall
Street. Why would I be upset?”

Reed sums up the Zionist racist history as follows: “In 1776 Adam Weishaupt founded his Illuminati.
By 1846 Disraeli was writing that ‘the revolution is developing entirely under Jewish auspices.’ In 1869
Michel Bakunin, the disciple of Weishaupt, attacked the Jews in the revolutionary movement. In 1872
Bakunin was expelled and the united Communist movement plainly emerged, under Karl Marx (in 1917 it
produced an almost exclusively Jewish Bolshevist government.”(173) [NB: Weishaupt was a crypto-Jew
who was outwardly Roman Catholic. He was funded by Mayer Amschel Rothschild who once said: “Let
me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws” and “if a high placed person
enters into a relationship with a Jew, he belongs to the Jew”]. Reed notes: “In 1920 official Bolshevik
statements showed that 545 members of the chief ruling bodies included 447 Jews. In 1933 the American
Jewish journal Opinion stated that Jews occupied almost all important ambassadorial posts and that in
White Russia 61 percent of all officials were Jews; it also stated that the Jewish percentage of the
population (then given as 158,400,000) as ‘less than 2 percent.’ If this was true it meant that Russia at that
time contained less than 3,000,000 Jews. In 1933 the Jewish Chronicle stated that one-third of the Jews in
Russia had become officials. If this was the case, they plainly formed the new governing class.”(417) In
1937, A. Stolypine wrote, “the key-positions of real control, through terror, all remained in Jewish hands.
These were the concentration and slave-labor camps (controlled by a Jewish triumvirate; they contained
perhaps seven million Russians); the prisons (all Soviet prisoners were governed by a Jewish commissar);
the entire news-publication and distribution machinery, including the censorship; and the essentially
Talmudic system of ‘political commissars,’ through which the armed forces were kept under terrorist
discipline.”(419) Reed adds Arthur Bliss Lane the US ambassador to Poland; and Major Tufton Beamish of
the British Parliament who stated, “‘Many of the most powerful Communists in Eastern Europe are
Jews…the large proportion of Jews to be found in the ranks of the Secret Police forces.’”(420) Balfour was
once given a report from M. Oudendyke from the British Government’s White Paper of 1919 titled
“Russia, No. 1, a Collection of Reports on Bolshevism,” which stated: “Bolshevism is organized and
worked by Jews, who have no nationality and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the
existing order of things.” For the record, Oudendyke’s words were expunged from later editions of the
official British publication. The US ambassador, David Francis, added: “The Bolshevik leaders here, most
of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country
but are internationalists and they are trying to state a worldwide social revolution.”

I've recently read similar things about Benjamin Disraeli.  Up to then I didn't realize that he was so out spoken against Zionism.  For those that are not aware Benjamin Disraeli was a Jew that became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom twice (Feb - Dec 1868 & Feb 1874 - April 1880). 
(02-17-2012, 02:56 PM)mikemac Wrote: I think this part of the article needs to be posted for the benefit of those Christian Zionists amongst us.  Maybe they will see their error.

Quote:“Pull down and destroy; rule over all nations”
[ . . . ]
Reed sums up the Zionist racist history as follows: “In 1776 Adam Weishaupt founded his Illuminati. [ . . . ]”

True or not, this one line discredits everything else for most people.
Why's that tmw89?
I too would be interested in why the claim about Weishaupt takes away from the article. Because, I too have some problems with this very excellent piece by Mr. Sungenis. But for an entirely different reason.

First might I suggest that all who wish to read it, to print it out. Keep two piles, one for the text and the other to refer to the extensive notes.
This is really good stuff and worthy of the time spent to study it.

The notes do not appear in Culture Wars, and I believe it may have been edited in its pages as well. This is the superior version for the endnotes alone.

I think Mr. Sungenis attempted a task that was impossible in that he tried to couple theological concepts with the historical narrative. This causes problems with me. Especially in regards to Fatima.

He basically makes the case that I have made here consistently. If the errors are of the Zionists and the Communists as a two pronged approach to the quest for domination be International Jewry, why the Consecration of Russia, when they are the clear first victims in this entire mess?

This article also nicely encapsulates my theories on the work, unfinished, unsaid, or possibly misinterpreted by Whittaker Chambers in his book Witness.

My advice for those who want to understand the illusion we have been living under for the past hundred or so years, is to read this survey article, Dougless Reid's Controversy of Zion, and the aforementioned Witness by Chambers. I have not yet read Reed's book.

Chambers could never understand why the sons and daughters of the elite dynastic families were involved in spying for Communist Russia. Or how many moles existed in the Dept of State and the Roosevelt Administration. He also completely misses the hands of Zionism in this plot IMHO. But that's OK, it is still an excellent book and he was too close to the problem to see the forest from the trees. My opinion is that it was a Zionist plan from the beginning and that explains Chamber's perplexity and his thinking it was just a Cold War.

It clearly was not and at the same time that the Jews were taking over a large empire in Russia, they were infiltrating as moles here in the West, specifically the USA.

Well guess what, these same types of moles have also infiltrated the priesthood and have moved up to the Vatican over time. So, a more prudent measure would be to clean house in the form of an inquisition and consecrate the Church for goodness sakes.

And in addition to the fact that Russia was victim, not perp, we have a nun seeing visions well after the fact. This makes no sense to me and never will. However, I do believe in Fatima, but not the remedy put forth outside of being modest, praying the rosary, and holding steadfast to the Faith. That's the message as I see it.

And this article proves my point and my ideas that most likely, the idea put forth to Consecrate Russia was part of a smokescreen developed by the same infiltrators to cause further division in the Church between men and women of goodwill.

That is my problem, if you haven't read the article in total with the notes, please let me know if you care to respond. This way I will not waste my time in creating a reply.

My advice to understand where I am coming from is to read, Witness first, then this article, then Controversy of Zion. But, I will respond to those who have simply read this brief article on a huge subject.

Again, I have no problem with the reference to Weishaupt, except for the fact that the American Revolution remained untouched. And the French Revolution information, while accurate, was not sufficently developed in the article as a stand alone piece.

But, we can't expect everything and it was a mighty and monumentous effort on the part of Mr. Sungenis.

Excellent work.

Just like we do not dare approach the reception of the Blessed Sacrament without first being in a state of Grace, the Church must clean it's own house before applying the Supernatural remedy which is the Consecration. I realize I am somewhat waffling here, but that's OK. I do not profess to have all the answers and do not wish to offend the Queen of Heaven, nor unduly poision the minds of those faithful and devoted to the Mother of God.

In other words, we have a very real and dangerous man made, or natural problem, that must be taken care of just as individuals must confess their natural sins before receiving an increase of Supernatural Grace.

And IMHO, and I mean this with all humility, I have seen way too many people blame all the problems of the Church on the so-called failure to perform the Consecration properly.

This is a form of despair my friends. Time to get working, let us roll up our sleeves and quit the bellyaching and complaining. Study the world you live in and try to see the man behind the curtain. You cannot justify your plea or argument unless you are armed with this understanding.

As the Psalmist says in Psalm 50, rebuild Jerusalem, the earthly one that is the Catholic Church, then shall He accept the calves upon His Holy Altar.

Pennance and prayer, be wise as serpents, and gentle as doves. Then we can perform the Consecration. Then we will be whole and perhaps the Kingship of Christ may once again reign.

Vivo Christo Rey!
(02-17-2012, 04:22 PM)tmw89 Wrote:
(02-17-2012, 02:56 PM)mikemac Wrote: I think this part of the article needs to be posted for the benefit of those Christian Zionists amongst us.  Maybe they will see their error.

Quote:“Pull down and destroy; rule over all nations”
[ . . . ]
Reed sums up the Zionist racist history as follows: “In 1776 Adam Weishaupt founded his Illuminati. [ . . . ]”

True or not, this one line discredits everything else for most people.

The thing is that that line is fact. How that fact relates to Zionism I don't know, but it's a fact. So if you're right and that discredits Mr. Reed for most people, then that's a pretty sad situation.
Here's why the Consecration of Russia is necessary before anything more is done. Either we do the Will of God or suffer the consequences.

[2 Kings 5]
{5:1} Naaman, general of the army, of the king of Syria, was a great man with his master, and honourable: for by him the Lord gave deliverance to Syria: and he was a valiant man, and rich, but a leper.
{5:2} Now there had gone out robbers from Syria, and had led away captive out of the land of Israel, a little maid, and she waited upon Naaman's wife.
{5:3} And she said to her mistress: I wish my master had been with the prophet that is in Samaria: he would certainly have healed him of the leprosy which he hath.
{5:4} Then Naaman went in to his lord, and told him, saying: Thus and thus said the girl from the land of Israel.
{5:5} And the king of Syria said to him: Go; and I will send a letter to the king of Israel. And he departed, and took with him ten talents of silver, and six thousand pieces of gold, and ten changes of raiment;
{5:6} And brought the letter to the king of Israel, in these words: When thou shalt receive this letter, know that I have sent to thee Naaman, my servant, that thou mayst heal him of his leprosy.
{5:7} And when the king of Israel had read the letter, he rent his garments, and said: Am I God, to be able to kill and give life, that this man hath sent to me to heal a man of his leprosy? mark, and see how he seeketh occasions against me.
{5:8} And when Eliseus, the man of God, had heard this, to wit, that the king of Israel had rent his garments, he sent to him, saying: Why hast thou rent thy garments? let him come to me, and let him know that there is a prophet in Israel.
{5:9} So Naaman came with his horses and chariots, and stood at the door of the house of Eliseus:
{5:10} And Eliseus sent a messenger to him, saying: Go, and wash seven times in the Jordan, and thy flesh shall recover health, and thou shalt be clean.
{5:11} Naaman was angry, and went away, saying: I thought he would have come out to me, and standing, would have invoked the name of the Lord his God, and touched with his hand the place of the leprosy, and healed me.
{5:12} Are not the Abana, and the Pharphar, rivers of Damascus, better than all the waters of Israel, that I may wash in them, and be made clean? So as he turned, and was going away with indignation,
{5:13} His servants came to him, and said to him: Father, if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing, surely thou shouldst have done it: how much rather what he now hath said to thee: Wash, and thou shalt be clean?
{5:14} Then he went down, and washed in the Jordan seven times, according to the word of the man of God; and his flesh was restored, like the flesh of a little child: and he was made clean.

We are asked to something simple, and we have avoided it, and we have found reasons out the kazoo, to explain away our actions. It takes the action of the Consecration, like washing in the Jordan seven times, and God Almighty will restore us.

For sure Tim.  To think that a simple five minute prayer by the Pope in union with all the bishops would make such a difference in the world and that simple request by Heaven  is not done yet is mind boggling.

For a proper Consecration of Russia.  Pray
Fatima Rabbi Mayer Schiller's Skver Sect Teaches its Children to Hate 'Evil' Non-'Jews': "The entire essence of the gentile is evil and impure"

Quote:From Failed Messiah we have a translation of a text of the Skver [also spelled "Skvere"] Hasidic sect. Rabbi Mayer Schiller (who for decades has ingratiated himself with traditional Catholics and was even invited to speak at the SSPX seminary in Ridgefield Connecticut on numerous occasions) is a member and spokesperson for the Skver Hasidic sect. We have been warning against his cajolery for years to no notable effect. Mayer Schiller is featured in a Fatima video, "Heaven's Key to Peace" alongside traditional Catholicim's most respected pundits. Below are the master race teachings of hatred imparted to the youth of Rabbi Mayer Schiller's Skver Hasidic sect.

[Failed Messiah] Exclusive: Hate All Non-Jews, Skvere Rabbis Say

A recently published book written by a Skvere hasidic rabbi and endorsed by the Skvere Rebbe himself tells Skvere hasidim and other Jews to hate all gentiles. Gentiles are wholly evil, the book says. They spiritually pollute the world, and even looking at their faces is harmful.

The book is called Yalkut Shaiylos u'Teshuvos. As the title indicates, it is a collection of questions and answers on halakhic topics. The questions were asked by young Skvere yeshiva students in New Square, New York. The answers are rabbinic.

The section translated below is titled, "Goyyim" and it explains the Skvere hasidic view of non-Jews, citing among other sources, the Skvere Rebbe himself.

The anti-gentile hatred is based on rabbinic sources. Those sources are heavily influenced by kabbalah and by hasidic thought.

A similar attitude toward non-Jews can be found in the Tanya, the so-called bible of Chabad hasidic thought written by the first rebbe of Chabad, Schneur Zalman of Liadi, and reprinted thousands of times by Chabad worldwide.

The translation was made by the noted filmmaker Menachem Daum, who sent it to me along with the scans of the book posted below and requested that I post it.

All remarks in square brackets [ ] are Daum's. All remarks in these brackets { } are Failed Messiah's. All text within normal parenthesis ( ) are the book's author's.

Question:  Is it appropriate to not love, or to hate, a gentile?

Answer:  A Jew is intrinsically good.  A Jew is a part of God above.  Even if at times he strays it is not because he has become evil.  It is only that there is evil within him that he has to cleanse.

However, to separate with a million degrees of separation, a gentile is an impure thing.  The entire essence of the gentile is evil and impure.  Even if he occasionally does good deeds he does not thereby become good.  As the Holy Light of Life {i.e., the author of the book Ohr HaHayyim] says regarding gentiles, even such a one who is very careful in his actions does not obtain any degree of holiness thereby.

As is also well known, even educated gentiles who guarded themselves because of their clear understanding of what is right, nonetheless failed when they were tested, because a gentile has no power for goodness within him.

On the contrary, the evil thoughts of gentiles contaminate the world’s atmosphere and create ordeals for Jewish children. As the Remnant for Pinchos {i.e., the author of the book Sheairit L’Pinchas} says, the thoughts of gentiles, even when they are dead, still linger in and contaminate the atmosphere.

He says that to be protected from this there is only one solution; to completely despise the thoughts of gentiles and to realize that all their thoughts are only evil. (Hate doesn’t mean wanting to do something to a gentile, but it means not being able to tolerate him, not being able to stand him, because of his great impurity, especially when one realizes how harmful this {impurity} is {to Jews and to the world}.) Understandably, loving a gentile is the exact opposite of this.

The Holy Light of Life {i.e., the author of the book Ohr HaHayyim} says that for a person to be totally protected from evil he must hate the thing that has caused him to sin. This is why God commanded to uproot the trees of Midian. Since the Midianites caused the Jews to sin with the Peor idol, so therefore Jews must hate everything connected to Midian. Consequently, gentiles, whose thoughts bring upon us ordeals, may be hated.

So also the Holy Light of Life {i.e., the author of the book Ohr HaHayyim} writes, in the portion of Vayigash {in his book entitled Oh HaHayyim}, that the nature of the righteous ones is to hate gentiles.

Speaking of gentiles it is worth mentioning two points. First, with respect to conversing with a gentile: a gentile is impure, as we have mentioned, and he defiles one who speaks to him and this brings evil upon a person. (Except when one is forced to do so because then, as is explained by the Enlightener of the Eyes {i.e., the author of the book Me’or Eynayim}, we thereby extract the little bit of good which has fallen into the gentile, since everything in the world is a mixture of evil and good.)

Especially if one converses with friendship, because the texts tell us that when two people speak with affection then a portion of each one’s soul becomes connected to the other and no one wants to become connected to a gentile, God forbid.  (Understandably, when one must converse one must do so like a human being.  However, in his heart one should not love him.  And it is worth knowing that “it is a well-known law that Esau [the gentile] hates Jacob [the Jew].” The gentile hates you.  It is only because of his ulterior motives that he is talking in a friendly manner, because it is in his best interests to do so at this moment, because of his job or for tens of others reasons. Even the righteous gentiles among the nations are often so because they hate inhumanity and murder but not because they love Jews.)

The second point is; one is not to concentrate on the face of a gentile. As the Willows of the Valley {the author of the book Arvei Nahal} writes on the Talmudic passage, “it is forbidden to look upon the face of an evildoer”, because the other side [the devil] {the sitra achra} cloaks himself in the guise of an evildoer and it is a danger to look at him. This passage refers to a Jew who has, God forbid, become an evildoer. Certainly, beyond any doubt, a gentile whose whole nature is essentially evil, looking at his appearance is defiling.

In the Abbreviated Set Table {Kitzur Shulkhan Arukh} it states that if one sees beautiful creatures, even a gentile, one makes a blessing. The Abbreviated Set Table {Kitzur Shulkhan Arukh}adds this is only if one caught a casual glimpse, however concentrating on a gentile is forbidden.

Once, in middle of the night, The Perfumed Bed {the author of the book Arugot Haboshem} sent a messenger to his son, the Jacob Speaks {i.e., the author of the book Vayagid Yaakov}, requesting he should immediately come over. He quickly came running and the Perfumed Bed {the author of the book Arugot Haboshem} looked upon him and told him he can now leave. He only called upon him since a gentile doctor was there earlier and he didn’t want that the last thing he sees before he sleeps to be a gentile, so he called him only to take a look at him.

Our Honorable Holy Teacher, Our Master, Our Guide, Our Rebbe [of Skver], may he live a long and good life, repeated in the name of the Maharal that gentiles are referred to as “wicked waters” while Jews are akin to fire. Naturally, when fire and water mix the water extinguishes the fire. However, when there is an iron barrier between them, for example, water in a pot, then on the contrary, the fire cooks and evaporates the water.  Similarly, if one has connections to a gentile the gentile can, God forbid, extinguish the fire in the soul. However, if one is separated in all matters then the Jewish soul will triumph. 


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