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I made a book for Catholics to use when talking to Protestants. It's NOT a "book of the FE site," but just a small book that will help a Catholic defend against all the weird notions Protestants have about our beliefs -- and it does it using the KING JAMES VERSION of the Bible. If you have this book and a KJV and sit down with a Protestant friend, giving him the Bible while you keep my book in your hands, you can shoot down his arguments. It's 99% Scripture-based and also includes that "Challenge" I've got on the site. That part is for when your Protestant friend is done with his accusations and it's your turn to go more on the offensive.

I'm selling it at cost so won't be making any money off of it. It's not that I'm so nice; it's just that Lulu Press's prices were so high, and this book is only 44 pages long (it's based on the cheat sheet document that's available on site for free), that I couldn't bear to sell it at a price higher than the minimum. But I think it's a very handy book to have. It's "all meat, no carbs," as I put it, and cuts right to the chase without lots of explanatory material. It's not the sort of book to "read," but to "refer to and use as a weapon in defending the Faith.  It just points Protestants to their own version of Scripture so they can see for themselves that Catholic teaching isn't some "whacky" thing that a bunch of medievals pulled out of a hat.

The URL for the book is here:  http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/th...k/18884705
Hey, Vox.  This is a great idea.  There's nothing worse than the Catholic who is poorly catechized and clueless as to Catholic Church tradition.  I hope you sell at least 2764 copies!

I have quite a few books that defend Christianity in general against atheists or non-Christians. But I don't think I have anything like this. I have already ordered a copy. Thanks for doing this, Vox!
I'm counting down the days until March! I'll buy a copy, and I'll sent an equal amount into FE.
You should definitly price it at 20.00 its worth it

Great idea, Vox.  This is the first time I saw this thread, haven't been here much lately.  I was surprised to get an e-mail the other day asking if I could get into FE (my friend thought he might have been banned).  Glad the site's back up.

Would you please post a link to "the cheat sheet" so I can get an idea of what the book is like?  I think I have read every page on the main site but not recently and I can't figure out what "the cheat sheet" is. 


I do often look up things on the main site or just browse around.  I have the prayer to be used in bad weather printed out but the other night when we were under a tornado warning, I couldn't find it.  Luckily, our wi-fi hadn't gone out so I was able to pray it from the site, accompanied by burning palm leaf, of course.


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