Y Laramie's Christian: Layin' it on the line.
I don't know what caused me to post it on the blog I visit.  I was just compelled.

In any event, I will not apologize that Christianity came so easy for me to grasp.  It is as simple as walking around outside.  God is apparent.  No apologies.

- - - - -

Admittedly, I was raised reading the Bible. But later on as a child, it seemed easy for me to recognize the Holy Spirit in this world. It often sounds cheesy to you godless people, but just as you will believe in your Zeitgeist, your "spirit of the age" that courses through the individuals of certain times, it is even clearer for me to recognize the fabric and needlework of God in this world. And the more I saw that this "force" correlated with what I read in the Scriptures as a teenager, the more I recognized that the Bible spoke truth, and that if I read it, it would take me to the Source of this world.

Knowing no better, I turned to the Bible for life's answers in my youth, and I was a Baptist. But after realizing that it was a Spirit and a Tradition I sought, I simply discovered who put the Bible together, and I found even more Tradition--hence, my conversion to Catholicism. The Traditions of the Main Branch of Christians has been the same for 2,000 years, and nothing has broken the people of the Church. And even if the pope were to be killed this afternoon and Vatican burned, the Tradition started by Christ would continue in spite of the satanic Zeitgeist that works to obliterate the Holy Spirit.

If you are tired of hearing about the Holy Spirit in your existence in this cosmos, then have no fear, for when you go to Hell, you will be shut off from it forever.

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