Shaky hands?
Essential Tremor can be reduced with something like propranolol, so definitely talk to your doctor.  There are lots of medications out there that can help you out, but a few of them have side effects that might not make it worthwhile for someone with a mild tremor.  Note: propranolol isn't one with scary side effects.

Concert pianists have been known to use propranolol to help calm their nerves on stage.  We don't know exactly how it does it, but it's an old beta-blocker that has lots of fun uses like that.
There are certain drugs which pool/snooker players, and military snipers, use to steady their hands/arms. I think propranolol is one, but I think there are a few others too. Maybe you could just drug yourself up on military-grade muscle relaxant before you have to serve Mass.

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