Why was the Mass changed?
(02-29-2012, 05:23 PM)Crusader_Philly Wrote: I agree that we must run from and resist the Revolution. Today's situation in the Church is truly a mystery.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hi Crusader_Philly!    :)

On the contrary, Today's situation in the Church is NOT truly a mystery. at all!!!!!  :)

Among others, Pope Saint Pius X warned us about the problem, and the then future problems, which led directly to Vatican 2.

I could go into many more details about all of this, especially - by name - exactly WHO some of the anti-Catholic Infiltrators were/are, but being specific would get me banned from Fish Eaters.  So, you have to do your own homework.  :LOL:

God Bless You!  :pray:

A Catholic - Catholic  -  Father Jim
God bless you too, Father. Feel free to personally message me.
(03-02-2012, 12:42 AM)Crusader_Philly Wrote: God bless you too, Father. Feel free to personally message me.

Hi Crusader_Philly!   :)

Thank you so much for your most kind invitation!

However, at this time I must respectfully decline.  It is true that I have mentioned one reason in my above post.  But that reason is not exclusive.  There is also at least one other reason.

Perhaps the following event will help you to better understand one of my other reasons?

Some years ago, Father Malachi Martin (RIP), was being interviewed on Coast to Coast by Art Bell.  During the course of the interview, Art Bell made a vague reference to something which Father Martin had told him before the program began.

The response of Father Martin was, in words to this effect (not a direct quote):  IF you say that on the air you can get us both killed!

I have learned from experience that so-called "private messages", and similar, especially on the internet, can be hacked, or obtained in various ways.

So, in order to protect both of us, it is much more wise and prudent to follow the advice of Father Malachi Martin.

However, IF you would really like to know the answer, there are others who can be much more helpful than myself because, unlike me, they know a great deal more than I will ever know!  Who are they?  Some of the Clergy in the Catacombs today - they know a great deal more about all of this than I will ever know or even be able to know!

By this I mean not only about what I had mentioned in my previous post, but even more importantly they know a lot of things about a lot of things as, for example, such is the case concerning Father Malachi Martin. 

Father Malachi Martin, as I understand it, provided certain Catacombs Clergy with large numbers of different copies of his "confidential" files and had several "contacts" among the so-called "Catacombs Clergy" - who exactly they were, I have been unable to find out because I have not heard from any of my contacts in the Catacombs for many, many years, with perhaps a very rare exception a few times which was extremely brief and about other issues.

As for any of the contents of these "confidential" files of Father Martin, of which certain Catacombs Clergy were provided with copies by Father Martin himself, I was told that the data in these files are more than enough to put an end to the present crises in the Church!  How?  I wish I knew!

I strongly suspect that this is why, from time to time, it seems that one finds some very negative "propaganda" against Father Martin who, being dead, is obviously unable to defend himself, per se. 

However, the contents of some of these "files", so I was told by several Catacombs Clergy who have read some of them, would be more than enough to clarify his exact role behind the scenes with copies of a variety of "secret", but very official, Vatican documents, concerning Father Martin! 

In other words, these documents, in and of themselves, it has been claimed by some, which Clergy I have found to be very trustworthy and very credible in the past, would prove that Father Martin took his "orders" directly from a certain Holy Father and reported his findings, whether in person or in some coded messages, I do not know, to the Holy Father, the Pope.

But one thing that I was told, many years ago now, was that Father Martin was created a Cardinal (in pectore) in the heart (i.e. in secret) by a certain Holy Father who had "hired" Father Martin for a number of top-secret, but very "special" assignments, some of which had to do with certain "clergy" here in the U.S.A. and also elsewhere, and some with certain Cardinals.

I have never seen these alleged copies of some of the "confidential" files of Father Martin which, it has been claimed, Father personally gave to certain select Catacombs Clergy. 

Based upon what I was told at that time (years ago), these copies of some of Father Martin's "confidential" files were not all given to only one person in the Catacombs, but each one of these "confidential" files was given, one to this Bishop another to that Priest, etc., so that each one eventually got only one copy of the contents of only one of these "confidential" files.  How many actual files?  I was never able to find anyone who had the whole picture.  This was Father Martin's way of protecting this data.  For example, IF the total number of files was say 100, by giving only one of each file to 100 different Catacombs Clergy, IF one file was "discovered" by the enemies of the Cross of Christ, 99 files would still be safe - at least in theory.

One Catacombs Clergy did tell me that, among many other things that he had heard from some of the different Clergy who did have such files, was that about 10% to 15% of the files they had read contained data which detailed, to some extent, some things having to do with "Church politics".  Another point was about how certain members of the Clergy had gone into the Vatican for a "meeting" with whoever, never to be seen again.

What happened to the original "confidential" files of Father Martin?  I have heard lots of rumors, but no real proof.  But I did hear that some Prelate (name unknown) in the Catacombs gave orders to all those who had copies of these "confidential" files to burn them because it was feared that they were about to be "discovered" - exactly how, I was not told and did not ask.

For myself, I have never kept any files, and still do not have any files, not only because I really never had anything to put into them of much value, but more importantly because there are others, even some who are not in the Catacombs, who know a great deal more about many, many things of which I was never told and thus do not know, even today, what these things are of which I do not know the details.

Instead, I have kept busy with an active ministry which does not give me, even today, the luxury  :LOL:  to get involved in such things. 

I have always tried to focus on the Spiritual and Sacramental needs of the people.  I have no use for Church politics or "secrets".  Despite this, I have had various Clergy tell me things, despite my telling them not to tell me.  But that was now many years ago, and most of them have died of old age or, in the case of a few, assassination.

Crusader_Philly, I hope the above has helped you to better understand some of the behind-the-scenes intrigues around the world, including the U.S.A. concerning the Church?

The point is that the news is not all bad, not all negative.  This is why I tried to explain the little I know about Father Martin's relationship with one or more Popes, with various members of the Catacombs Clergy, etc. 

My apologies at not having specifics about exactly what Father Martin did or did not do, except for what some reliable sources have told me which data was supposedly based upon at least some of the copies of his "confidential" files which prove his innocence - according to what seems to me to be at best "knowledgeable sources".

But, because of the nature of all of these "secret" operations, supposedly for the purpose of protecting the Church and blocking, in whatever way(s), at least some of the efforts of the enemies of the Cross of Christ, so that, just as in the days of the persecution of Catholics by the Arian Heretics, the Catholic Church survived, so also today, the Catholic Church will continue to survive, despite the most cunning and diabolical efforts of her most vicious enemies, generally speaking, the Catacombs Clergy have preferred to kept the details of these "secret" operations among themselves.

It is no wonder, then, that Our Lady has promised that, in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph!

Thank you for reading. 

God Bless You!    :pray:

A Catholic - Catholic,  Father Jim

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