So.. yea
I'm out of here.  I very much doubt I'll be back.  I'm going to be honest.  I don't consider the majority of the active posters here to be Catholics and I don't want to spend my time reading the schismatic drivel and bile spewed here.  Half of what people post here I would expect to find on the various Protestant fora around this beast we call the internet.  Utter disrespect and contempt towards the Holy Father, preaching heresy from behind your computer screen, calumnious statements aimed at the bishops and priests of the Church.  I simply wont tolerate it any longer.  There's a wealth of good solid information here but.. well it's just not worth wading through the mud to find it.  I could name names.. but well there are so many and you know who I'm talking about any way.  Besides if I ever meet one of you in real life I want to be able to fall back on this and say that I never included you  :grin:.

I'll just have to turn to other sources for my daily dose of Catholic news.  And there are much healthier discussion forums to participate in.  Typing this.. I feel like I've had my first shower in a long time.  Feels great.

Those of you I like I'll keep in contact with via G+.

God bless.
(03-03-2012, 07:54 AM)City Smurf Wrote: I could name names.. but well there are so many and you know who I'm talking about any way. 

Oh go on..give us a few names.
I'll miss your spirited defense of the Holy Father, CS. Best wishes.
[Image: The-Smurfs-Episode-6--Sorcerer-Smurf.jpg]
I'm sorry to see you go. You were one of the saner posters.
Disrespect toward holy priests and bishops who strive to uphold and maintain the truths of our faith whole and complete is indeed truly reprehensible behavior.

May God and our Lady bless and guide you through your vocational discernment and your growth in the knowledge and practice of our holy Faith.
Good-bye, I'll miss you.
:(  I always liked you.

Good bye!
C'mon, oh blue one stick around, and whack the blighters a good one.


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