Cute things children say at Mass.
My Mom told me a story, that when she was 4 or 5 on one occasion at the Consecration, she saw the priest elevate the Body of Christ and said [quite loudly in a quiet church]
"I want some bacon and eggs too!"
My SIL and BIL used to come to Church with us and my BIL (non-Catholic) would take my niece out of Mass right before the Priest would begin the Offeratory. (We could never understand why he did this, she was not disruptive.)  Once when allowed to stay for the entire Mass, she became highly curious at what was taking place.  I had a hard time teaching her to whisper her questions and giving her proper answers.  At one point I explain that the Priest is preparing the bread and wine to become the Body & Blood and she makes this face and says, "oh, no thank you.  I had snack at home."    :blush:

(Side note: since that time she has insisted to her parents that she be allowed to 1. be baptized and 2. receive Our Lord  Her 1st Communion is end of April.)

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