The hacking of Fisheaters.
It won't be long now before we face direct physical persecutions in the West. 

The US Conference of Communist Bishops will do nothing to stop the abortion mandate and will do nothing to prevent the penal taxes/sanctions on Catholics for refusing to comply. 

Meanwhile, nearly an entire generation hates the Church, including those Baptised Catholic. All that she stands for is despised and is systematically being attacked: the anti-bullying theme is really an anti-Catholic strategy that in a few short years will make totally illegal preaching the Gospel.  It will take a half baked YouTube/Twitter campaign a la the anti Joe Kony movement to spark the attack on the Church.
The thing about Anonymous is one person can call themselves Anonymous and claim an assault on behalf of the movement.  They're highly disorganized and lack a central leadership.  Things like Project Chanology when they went to war with Scientology and rallied protests in the streets are not the norm.  XKCD said it best, I think, in a comic about hackers taking down the CIA's website.  "Oh no, someone took down the poster we hung up!"
I don't know if I'd go so far as to say that Anonymous is inherently disgusting. 

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