I'm back
I wandered through about two years and recently was over on another board when someone asked what was up with Fish Eaters, that they couldn't log in.  So I meandered back here to see "what is up with Fish Eaters that he couldn't log in".  I've now changed my password as recommended, and I've spent most of the night browsing the boards.  So I thought "why not post some and try to keep a more open mind?"

If anyone does reply to me, I apologize, but I probably won't be on Tuesday through Friday while at a conference in NYC.
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Go thy ways, old Jack;
die when thou wilt, if manhood, good manhood, be
not forgot upon the face of the earth, then am I a
shotten herring. There live not three good men
unhanged in England; and one of them is fat and
grows old: God help the while! a bad world, I say.
I would I were a weaver; I could sing psalms or any
thing. A plague of all cowards, I say still.
Welcome back
thanks you two!
Welcome back FanofNeri!
Thank you!

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