Where do y'all buy your rosaries?
(03-16-2012, 06:04 PM)formerbuddhist Wrote: I have several Rosaries that I like, my favorites being from Clear Creek Monastery and the other from this site called www.catholicprayercards.org. I too do not particularly care for chain link rosaries since they do tend to break. The Catholic Prayer Cards site has a nice thick rope rosary that is impossible to break short of cutting and at Clear Creek (you can buy the rosaries fromn them online) they are also made by using a thin twine although the Clear Creek ones have wooden beads. So far both have held up really well and I carry my Rosary with me 24 hours a day including when I sleep. The only downside to the Catholic Prayer Cards rosary is that the medals and crucifixes they use are quite cheap and tarnish and wear down very easily. Aside from that it is a sturdy durable rosary but bear in mind it is HUGE and thick and if that is a problem don't bother. If you buy them from Clear Creek they will have a St. Benedict Medal attached to them and you can ask them to bless both the rosary and the medal for you which is a plus.

Glad to know I'm not the only one with this problem.  I think it's worth paying extra to have a rosary that will not break easily.  I've found sterling silver to be extremely strong, and I've seen rosaries on sterling silver chains sold for around $100, depending on what material the rest of the rosary is made of.  I think I'll invest in one of these, as well.

I have a rosary and a tenner/bracelet from there. Love both. I do have to say that the cross and medal charms fell off my bracelet, even though I have only worn it a few times, but it is still beautiful and usable so I don't mind much.
Just learned about the Memento Mori rosary!!!!  Wow!  That resonates deeply with me.  hmm, future purchase maybe!

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