Hello, I'm new. Also some general considerations regarding the Church
The peace of Christ be with all of us! I'm new to Fish Eaters, although I've been reading some of the topics from time to time, as I am interested in the Traditional Catholic faith. Now, living in the UK since a year and a half, it is very hard going to a traditional mass of the SSPX, the closest one being in Bristol - I admit I haven't been yet but I intend to; till now I've been to the Novus Ordo of the parish in the city where I live. Also, it is quite disturbing to see how far secularization and forgetting of the whole Christian legacy and message have spread to most society in the UK.

Being a Romanian national, I was raised in a (nominal) Eastern Orthodox family, however my father being an atheist and my mother an unpracticing Orthodox (as most of the people there) I havent had many examples of living faith with the exception of my grandmother who, being Slovakian, was Catholic and also living her faith all her life. It was her example, together with theological, historical and esthetic reasons that made me convert formaly to the Catholic Church to which I was participating anyway since long time ago.
My wife, whom I met during college, is comming from a staunch Pentecostal family, and her mother's attaks on "popery" and "un-biblical Catholicism" with its "man-made traditions" - all made me study the Catholic claims (in some books of apologetics) and found them all having clear biblical and early-christian support. Eventually, my wife also converted to the Catholic faith. I can actually be grateful to the harsh and, many times, unfair and bad-willed critics that I received, since they were the triggers of researching and deepening my understanding of many articles of the Holy Catholic Faith!

During college, me and my wife studied for 5 months in Paris, and it was there that we've had our first contact with the Tridentine liturgy, at Saint Nicholas du Chardonnet church of the Society of Saint Pius X, and although I didn't know much about it at the time, I was impressed by the sheer beauty and reverence of the Mass and of the congregation, and this is how I came to reconsider the whole development of the Catholic church after the wrongfully-interpreted and applied Council of Vatican II and during the dreadful social, cultural, moral and spiritual decadence and collapse of the whole Christendom in the decades following the Second World War.

I haven't found clear answers, all I can say is that I do not agree with the abuses and blurring of sound doctrines that has happened on so many levels in the Church, and with the dictatorship of relativism and secularism, as our Holy Father Benedict XVI clearly puts it. I believe that, in this way, Christendom and Christianism are on the brink of collapse, dragging with them all the values and civilization that they created!  I feel betrayed by what has happened, since it feels like people gave up a precious legacy and set of values that have always provided man with a compass to guide his life, and instead went for the sterile, rotten and ever-changing ways of the modern world.
However I also believe that quite a small part of abuses can be actually read and willed by the Vatican II council. The majority of the abuses were intentionally invented by those speaking about the Vatican II "spirit" instead of being faithful to the texts and to the Magisterium.

Also, I am not sure if Vatican II brought all the decadence in the church or actually it was just the times of secularisation and apostasy which would have followed anyway. As an example, I can consider the state of Orthodox countries, having an ancient and unchanged Church that haven't had any Vatican II type of "modernisation", and still people are oblivious of following the Church doctrine and moral teachings, and are fatigued and not practicing the Christian faith, despite the general participation to Mass for a couple of major solemnties at which most of them don't even understand what's happening at Mass!

All these being said, I won't bore you longer, I will enjoy reading the posts and I will also soon put a question that I have and that I hope to have some opinions about.
May God bless us all and help us grow in hope, faith and love!
:hello!:  Its good to have you aboard. :)
CooperatorVeritatis, welcome to the forum! It is good to have you here.

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Quite a journey. Welcome to fe I hope your sense of humor matches your intellect. Youll need it in the fishtank...welcome.
Welcome to Fish Eaters.  Thanks for sharing a bit about your journey to faith.  I found it uplifting.  Your analysis of the situation of the Church was thoughtful and I look forward to seeing more more of your views.

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