Anyone live near Flagstaff, AZ?
I know that the chances of anybody on this forum being based in Flagstaff are very slim, but I thought it would be nice to meet other traditionally minded Catholics in my area.

Is there anyone in the area who would be interested in hanging out or something?  :hello!:
I wish I was! I was in Flagstaff about a year ago, and tried to settle down there. I hope you can find some other Flagstaff Fishies! :)
Thank you so much for the kind wishes! It's a beautiful town, isn't it? If the cost of living weren't so high and the nature of the parish here so...lax, for lack of a better word, I would never want to move. Did you ever encounter Fr. Pat? I went to a Mass of his a few months ago where he strutted out onto the altar dressed as Larry the Cable Guy. It was like a waking nightmare.
No, I never encountered Fr. Pat. I was only there for a short time while my husband and I were looking for work, but we fell in love with Flagstaff itself. The cost of living was about the same as other towns we had lived in, so that wasn't a shock to us, although it would be nice to live in a cheaper area.

We tried to go to the Latin mass, but we ended up at the wrong location. We did find it bizarre, however, that the parish there hosts the Greek Orthodox church every Sunday. Though not as bizarre, perhaps, as the parish here that has been letting "Occupiers" live there for the past several months.

Haven't you heard of Fr. Larry? He works at a cable company for extra income. :P
Larry the cable guy," Lord that ain't right." Get 'er done !  I can't believe it.

(03-21-2012, 04:10 PM)Tim Wrote: Larry the cable guy," Lord that ain't right." Get 'er done !  I can't believe it.


I seriously wish that it weren't true. It was such a surreal moment that I asked my fiancee after we left if it had actually happened. That Mass was like the opening of the floodgates, after that it has been nothing but non-stop crazy in this parish.

spiritofjoy: Yes, I noticed that after I moved out here! The Greek Orthodox folks use that beautiful church more than the Roman Catholics. In fact, they have stopped providing the latin Mass there. Apparently the priest couldn't make the drive anymore.
Bumping this one up with an announcement:

Any and all trads who live in or around Flagstaff, please try to attend the Tridentene Mass at the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary chapel every third Sunday of the month, at 12:30pm. If attendance doesn't go up, they're going to axe it again. If attendance does go up, however, then it will be provided every Sunday. Please help to keep the Tridentene Mass in Flagstaff!

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