Priests who say the Mass very quickly
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   Good recommendation about saying the Mass as if it were your 1st, last, only, but the saying, I am sure, outdates the good archbishop.  I have seen in some sacristies a sign recommending that the pries of God to keep these ideas in his mind as he sets to go out to offer Mass. 
  Not that anyone has given an actual minute count, I have found that 30 minutes is on the short side of a low Mass with only maybe 10-20 communicants to 40 minutes same communicants, depending on the priest.  My experience is that it leans closer to 40 as a rule. 


I remember a priest I knew in the early 60s who could say a low TLM with 15-20 communicants in about 15-20  minutes.
They all pray the Mass too quickly for me. I hate having to go back out the door into this filthy world.
I love a fast Mass.  I bless the priests who can do it very quickly.  But then, I have wiggly toddlers.
In the days Jovan and Vetus are speaking about, in the cities with lots of people in the parish, most priests said the Low Mass in twenty to twenty five minutes, because the Masses were every half hour. No one thought they were too speedy, then. Today with TLM parishes and Chapels with a handful of parishoners the priest can take more time. Their is a streaming Low Mass every day from Christ the King in Sarasota, and both priests take about 35 minutes with a tiny homily, and communion of the people, and prayers after Mass.  Judging from experience I'd say twenty five minutes without a mini-homily is about right.

Should not be rushed but doesn't have to be too slow either.  (I know not really helpful except that extremes should be avoided).  But the point I really want to make is that this is somewhat relative and subjective.

For example I pray the Office much more speedily than I used to because of comfort with the Latin and the prayers themselves.  I go on to the next part before my hands can even turn the pages because I already know parts by heart.  To someone else, like my wife, it sounds too fast ... but to me it sounds like just how I would naturally read something I understood, in any language. 

But when I pray parts I don't know well or when the Latin is difficult comparatively (like a Patristic homily) I have to slow down quite a bit.  To my wife, who doesn't know much Latin, that sounds more "normal."

Now when she speaks Spanish ... of course to me that sounds furiously rapid.  But not as fast as spoken Spanish sounded back when I didn't know Spanish.
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All I think is that's a mercy for priests to pray the silent portions of the Mass at a brisk pace, and the spoken or sung portions at a "conversational" pace. The priest who celebrates the Mass in my area is from a religious order and does so in a very pious, slow, deliberate pace. It takes its toll on my patience after a while.

There are actually liturgical guidelines about all this, by the way. One should neither celebrate Mass to quickly nor too slowly.

The SSPX priests always say most reverent Masses.  One priest in retreat stated: "Every Mass should be said like it was your first Mass, your last Mass, your only Mass" 

This may have come from Archbishop Lefebvre.

Not always. Our former SSPX priest rushed through terribly and seemed genuinely bored at times. In fact, he used to yawn(!) often during certain spoken parts, particularly the Last Gospel. I was almost embarrassed at times and, with him having since left the priesthood, I sometimes wonder if he even had the proper intention.

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