1925 Korea through the eyes of Benedictine missionaries
Here is a fascinating video, showing footage from Korea circa 1925. The footage was filmed by Benedictine missionaries. Most of the video simply documents day-to-day life in Korea at this time (which is fascinating, in itself), but it also shows the monks involved in various missionary activities (especially after the 45 minute mark).

Fascinating. Thanks for posting this.
I lived in Korea for seven years, just moved back to Canada last year. The images are very interesting and its hard to believe the extreme changes that have taken place there within the last 80+ years since this movie was filmed.
I did recognize Dongdaemun and Namsan gates, which are completely surrounded by lanes of traffic now.... there are bits and pieces of the old city wall still around Seoul. There was one portion a block from my apartment, but beyond these few remnants the place is so radically altered.
Wow, that's amazing! Thank you for sharing!
Very interesting. Thanks RBJ!
I like the part where the monks are smoking and eating Korean food.
The blessing of the grave or cemetery scene was pretty interesting.
I also find it interesting that they documented the pagan practices of the Koreans and walk right by what should probably be considered idols. It's interesting because I think a lot of us trads assume that "back in the day," faithful men of the Church would get all Old Testament on pagan priests and idols and pull an Elijah, destroying their idols and interrupting their ceremonies. I think these monks understood that real missionary work is not so simple as telling the pagans that their gods are demons, destroying their idols, and demanding their conversion. Rather, evangelization is more about investing one's self in those he is evangelizing and by preaching through acts of charity. The abandonment of paganism and idolatry comes in time.

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