An introduction and a question
(03-22-2012, 04:26 PM)Sequitur Veritas Wrote: Also, I am confused about something.  If so many people disagree with the Church's teaching (and I am talking major doctrines here) why don't they just leave?

Welcome to The Tank!

To answer your question, it is my belief that many liberals/progressives believe that they are acting the true way i.e. embracing everyone etc. I went to a very liberal RCIA and I experienced this firsthand. They don't see themselves as harming the faith but rather embracing "true Christianity."

Others simply grew up with terrible catechesis.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.
Welcome!  :hello!:

I hope your first experience at a Latin Mass will be as precious as mine was. I attended by myself, and was told by a friend that trying to follow along was probably not the best idea. So I did just that. I came in, sat at the back and just took it all in through observation. It was so beautiful, it moved me to tears! Following the missal is a bit of a chore at first. I always got so confused! But you'll work into it comfortably in time I'm sure.

It was so good to hear your story. Thankyou for sharing! :)
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and great advise on TLM!

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