Latin Mass in Queensland, Australia
Soon I will be going to Australia for a month to visit some relatives. For most of the time, we will be staying at my cousin's place in Gold Coast (Isle of Capri). Anybody know a good place to go to Mass near there? I prefer a TLM, whether diocesan/FSSP, etc. or SSPX. Eastern Rite is also good and even "reverent" NO accepted, too.
Queensland is probably one of the worst states in Australia for good Catholicism. There's an indult community up there but they only number 100 apparently and borrow a N.O church for the Mass. A friend who visited said that it's full of a lot of young families which is great.

The SSPX also have a priory and school in QLD. It is much larger than the indult community and they recently began the process of introducing the high school year levels to the school (prior to this it was just for kids aged 6-12).

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