Serious Help Needed

OK, this sucks, but I have to beg for donations. What's been going on is a corruption of one of the databases. The surface stuff gets fixed, it's OK for a while, then it goes bad again, rinse and repeat. I need to have someone look at this who is an expert. I have such a person picked out already (a friend of the friend of mine who's been helping me so far), but I can't ask him to do this for nothing. I don't know what he'd charge or how much to offer or however it will work, but -- well, the man's a software engineer whos' the best of the best at what he does, so you can imagine... I know that if I'd had to pay my friend-who's-been helping me so far, I'd be out thousands of bucks (I ask again for prayers for blessings for him! I am so grateful to him!)

Is there a millionaire out there who can throw money my way so we can take care of this thing? Or, better, can everyone send a few bucks each? The means to donate is here:

I'm really hoping that those who've never donated before and who aren't already subscribers would be the ones to step up. I don't want donations from people who are already scraping to give what they're already giving -- and I super-definitely don't want donations from folks who are just as flat-out broke as I am and who have kids to feed and such!

I'm sorry about all this down-time. It's so frustrating. I know it's frustrating for you guys, too. I'm sorry :(
Okay gang, now's the time to look hard at our online bankings account and give a few bucks ! PayPal will let you use your debit card or your cedit card, without keeping the info in its purse. Everyone can afford a fiver, that is missing one beer at the watering hole or a trip to Chick fil-a, or where ever you go. I dove in first and the water is fine. I hope you all can see this is a direct attack. Cui Bono ? The forces of evil would. The front end of FE, which Quis has said is entirely Vox' own work, has been a light to many out there floundering. Let's not let it fall. The lion is roaring and he has been allowed to try to destroy the Church, fight back, this is where we stand. Our roles are small but the War is large, let's win this battle. Small dollars add up to many.

Well said, Tim. I will be increasing my monthly donation and I will send a separate donation. I need to stop eating so much Chik-Fil-A anyways!

Let's save The Tank!
I've been meaning to give something for awhile, so now's the right time, I suppose.  Plus, the three weeks of mortification I've spent elsewhere during all this down time is enough to make me pull my wallet out.   Donation made. :grin:

(Also, if FE can get money out of a skinflint like me, then everybody should be giving!)
Gave a bit.  I'll do it again as soon as I'm able.  Prayers in the meantime.
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Wait a minute.  Before just throwing a bunch of money at the problem, could you give us some more information?  Why is this corruption happening?  What specifically is wrong?  With enough details, some of us might be able to help.
Hell if I know. That's why I need an expert. It's beyond the expertise of my friend and the people running the server, apparently. It's way, way, WAY beyond my understanding. I don't know anything more than that the database goes corrupt what seems like every 20 minutes.
It is Lent, and time to give alms.  Even if it weren't Lent fisheaters would be a worthy cause.  I know that help with databases rarely comes for free, and unless one of us has proven knowledge about these things and Vox is willing to work with them, it is completely reasonable to ask for money, I think.  It is more than obvious that fisheaters is not some kind of scam, and I think that trusting its owner a little is a sensible thing to do, until proven otherwise.

So I donated a little.  If I had more, I would have donated more.

Good luck, Vox. I'm praying!
Can you at least tell us what kind of database it is?
I'd guess MySQL.   No idea if I'm right though. 

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