autism is up 23% since 2006 and 78% since 2002
Protecting Their Own: The Unofficial Vaccination Policy of Doctors in the Know

"By LJ Goes

At present I have over 15 physicians programmed into my blackberry. Those are just the doctors, pediatricians, specialists and family practitioners I talk to on a regular basis.  There are several others I research, cold call and visit. I spend my time on this because it's imperative that I have a competent mainstream pediatrician that knows our family in the event of a true medical emergency.  Plus I like to chat with them about vaccine science and iatrogenic illness. Sometimes they talk to me, sometimes they don't. I recently reconnected with a mainstream doctor affiliated with a large hospital and a thriving practice in thje midwest. We've had many interactions over the years but on this particular day this physician had quite a bit to say. These were his words as they were spoken to me. For the purpose of protecting his anonymity I will refer to him as "The Doctor."

The Doctor on Gardasil:

"Gardasil?  What the hell is that? That shouldn't be on the market for another 30 years. We have no idea if we are causing this disease to mutate and become more harmful and stronger than it is now.  No idea. We'll find out I guess. Anyway, I talked about this with my partners and they were adamant, "you have to give it to your patients." I told them I am not telling my parents they have to give this to their 9 year old. I got looks like--crazy. They thought I was nuts. My partners are saying to me,"you gotta give it."

I told him I was aware of over 90 deaths and life-altering adverse reactions as the result of Gardasil. He did not respond. 

The Doctor on Hepatitis B:

"I mean, they have us vaccinate jaundiced babies with Hepatitis B!  What are they thinking?  What is wrong with them? I mean, Geez. Is this really necessary? Come on."

This was a particularly difficult thing for me to hear. My son Noah was jaundiced at birth and received the hepatitis B vaccination without our consent,on the day he was born.  My swollen yellow baby boy never cried and only grunted for months. Such a good baby...the four words everyone who knew him uttered repeatedly, for a year straight.  Such a good baby. I continued to vaccinate him on schedule.  My pediatrician (not this doctor) was not alarmed by his enlarged body, swollen head, limbs, and distended torso. He was described as "roly-poly", though he did not routinely eat and digest food until he was 3. During his second year of life he did not gain weight. My repeat concerns about his development were met with "Mrs. Goes, he looks healthy." I broached the topic of Hep B with The Doctor, during a previous meeting two years ago.  At that time, I mentioned our third child (who does not have autism) had not yet received the vax.  He rolled his eyes and said, "Why? All babies get that in the hospital at birth? Everybody does it." His tone was accusatory but he offered no explanation as to why it was important.

The Doctor on Varicella (Chicken Pox):

"Who didn't get chicken pox?  I mean, yes people who get the chicken pox are likely to get shingles, but we don't know if the vaccine causes shingles too or if the shingles vaccine is necessarily any good.  There's no way we can know. It would take years to determine."

The Doctor on Vaccines in General: 

"I don't vaccinate my kids. I rely on herd immunity, which is selfish I know
.  Herd immunity basically means I am relying on the fact that everyone else is vaccinated. I know it's wrong...They (his children) are fine. I might (vaccinate) when it comes time for them to go to high school because I don't want them to have to miss out on travel opportunities. They are all perfectly healthy."

Ggreg....check this out. I think you'll agree 1.5 million is a pretty big pay-out for a "conspiracy" theory.Now the article below can't help itself but  suggest that the kid in question had "bad" mitochondria to start with but the scary autism numbers today suggest that there is a huge amount of bad genes out there...if you buy that angle.

Family win $1.5 million in autism-vaccine payout

"The family of Hannah Poling, a nine-year-old girl, is to be the first to receive compensation from the US federal government for health problems associated with routine childhood vaccinations, reports CBS News.

As well as receiving a payout of $1.5 million, the family will receive $500,000 per year to pay for the child's care. But while CBS reports that 4800 other cases are awaiting settlement in the federal vaccine court, Hannah's case may be a one-off.

She began showing signs of autism, with accompanying screaming fits, after she'd been vaccinated against nine diseases in July 2000, aged 18 months.

The sum agreed reaffirms the government's initial promise to compensate the family in 2008. Back then, it concluded that the vaccinations may have aggravated an underlying inherited condition in Hannah's mitochondria, the powerhouses of cells that supply energy.

As New Scientist reported in 2008, it's possible that Hannah's mitochondria may not have been working properly anyway, with potential underlying damage to her most energy-hungry tissues in the brain and muscles.

Officials at the US Department of Health and Human Services investigating Hannah's medical history said that vaccines had "significantly aggravated an underlying mitochondrial disorder, which predisposed her to deficits in energy metabolism", causing damage "with features of autism spectrum disorder". The officials said that the vaccine didn't "cause" her autism, but "resulted" in it.

Lindsey Kent, of the University of St Andrews in the UK, says that mitochondrial disorders are very rare, only affecting 0.0057 per cent of the population. And the proportion of those with autism as well will be even smaller, with autism affecting just 1 per cent of children. As to the specific mutation in Hannah's DNA, there are only four other cases known worldwide, according to Salvatore DiMauro of Columbia University in New York."
Brain Injury Linked to Mercury Vaccine Preservative

[i]Parents and scientists concerned about an increasingly aggressive childhood vaccine schedule haven been given additional credence, according to a study in the journal NeuroToxicology. A team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found that infant macaque monkeys receiving a single Hepatitis B vaccine containing the mercury-based preservative thimerosal experienced delays in developing critical reflexes controlled by the brainstem. The monkeys that did not receive the vaccine developed normally..

....The results of the study found:

-    Thirteen newborn monkeys were given a Hepatitis vaccine containing a standardized does of thimerosal adjusted for weight, while four receieved a saline placebo, and three were not given any shots

-    Vaccinated animals exhibited a noticeable delay in the acquisition of survival reflexes such as rooting, snouting and sucking – all critical to survival in the animal world

-    The reflexes are specifically controlled by the brainstem, a crucial part of the brain responsible for automatic functions such as breathing, heart rate, and intestinal activity..

....National Autism Association board chair, Lori McIlwain, claims, “This study underscores the lack of appropriate government action to ensure the safety of vaccines. Had our government agencies conducted the most basic research on the implications to children’s health from the vaccines they rigorously promote, they could have spared thousands of children the neurological injuries they endure today. It’s shameful.”

Donald Trump publicly links vaccines to autism Jones or Rense here ,is that ok?

"In a stunning development for the ostracized, often criticized, vaccine safety awareness movement, cause celebre, and business mogul, Donald Trump raised concern about vaccinations on Monday, April 2, the anniversary of the fifth annual World Autism Awareness Day. Trump 'warned' Fox News viewers he "strongly believes that Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are linked to exposure to vaccines."1

During the interview, the tycoon revealed that a series of casual observations led him to the conclusion that '"monster" vaccinations cause Autism. The remark was probably a bombshell for pro-vaccine advocates including doctors, pharmaceutical companies, the government - and oh yes, Bill Gates. They have all fervently denied that observation -long a tenet of 'science-based research' - has anything to do with a medical outcome.

Trump acknowledged that speaking out against vaccines and the vaccine schedule is very controversial. But then he went on to state: "...I couldn't care less. I've seen people where they have a perfectly healthy child, and they go for the vaccinations and a month later the child is no longer healthy."

Trump's statement is a victory for parents who have long believed vaccines contributed to the neurological damage their children suffered post -vaccination. Although Trump is not against vaccines, he has spoken out before regarding his concerns about the increasing number of required immunizations in the childhood vaccination schedule.

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