What to do with Novus Ordo books?
Meh, keep the NAB around as a reference, it's not that bad.  Granted it doesn't have such edifying phrases as, "pisseth against the wall" and "she sighed as she sat upon her ass" like the DR does, but very few translations have achieved that lofty degree of linguistic excellence.
The proper way to dispose of religious books is to burn them.  One should never throw them in the garbage or recycle bin.

If you want to make a public announcement of your burning of the heretical NAB, I can't imagine that most people would even begin to understand the parameters of the situation.  So, I would tend to the private igniting of these kinds of works but only if you felt that you did not have a scholarly need to keep the bad in order to contrast with the good, authentic Catholic publications.

At a spiritual conference today, we used the Angelus 1962 missal and I referred to The Liturgical Year.  There is no way to reconcile these Catholic publications with modern New Theology.  None.  It is simple not possible to legitimately claim that there is a continuity.

For example, while some people are teaching that it is holy to stare at naked mirror images of ourselves, I just read today how the Enemy is the flesh in addition to the world and the devil.

Either burn the bad or keep it in a sort of 'Library of the Underworld' for personal academic purposes.
(03-31-2012, 02:42 PM)JuniorCouncilor Wrote: In response to Revixit, the first historical book-burning I'm sure of is in the Acts of the Apostles, where it was depicted as a very good thing.  Just because the Nazis, etc., abused the idea doesn't mean it's a bad one.  Abuse doesn't destroy use.  And in this case use destroys abuse (of bad books, that is).


It's sad to watch modern Christians have fits about when other Christians burn bad books. Out come the Nazi references and the hysterics and so forth. I don't regret burning my pagan books, that's for sure.
Believe it or not, I actually have a copy of the new missal.  :blush:

I store it with all my other 'forbidden' books, such as the Qur'an, Analects, and Dao De Jing, which I use as apologetic reference materials.

Nevertheless, I am not sure if it is appropriate to keep these around, since I am not a commissioned apologist by any means. I have recently been strongly considering alternative options:  :bonfire: .

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