In one sentence Pope Paul VI shows VII to be problematic...
(04-02-2012, 04:17 PM)Parmandur Wrote: "Maximum est sacrae Scripturae momentum in Liturgia celebranda."  Pretty maximal statement, in the Latin.

The full paragraph:

Sacred scripture is of the greatest importance in the celebration of the liturgy. For it is from scripture that lessons are read and explained in the homily, and psalms are sung; the "prayers, collects, and liturgical songs are scriptural in their inspiration and their force, and it is from the scriptures that actions and signs derive their meaning. Thus to achieve the restoration, progress, and adaptation of the sacred liturgy, it is essential to promote that warm and living love for scripture to which the venerable tradition of both eastern and western rites gives testimony."

Seems true, at first blush.  Actually, one of the huge problems with the No and VII reforms in general is Scriptural illiteracy in the very texts themselves.  The old has within it a greater comprehension and teaching of the Scripture.

Indeed very true. Just look at what they threw out from Scripture when composing the Nervous Ordeal readings.

Supported by the writings of the reformers themselves, they indeed interpret the phrase "greatest importance" to mean "THE important thing" and not "is of great importance". Why is the sacrifical nature of the Mass hidden in the NO and the Mass defined as a memorial  meal and a place to hear the Word of God in the original GIRM? The Liturgy of the Word is what is important. In the writings of the reformers, it becomes very clear that the purpose of the Mass is instruction and not sacrifice. Why was Latin removed? For didactic purposes, of course.
Read Fr. Cekada's excellent book and discover the true purpose of the NO and the revolutionary deformers behind it.

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