Cardinal Wuerl's Continuing Crisis
(04-04-2012, 12:52 PM)Philippus Wrote:
(04-04-2012, 12:22 PM)Lee Timmer Wrote: Bill Donohue is a phony. That is all.

Do you have any evidence of this? I may not have been paying attention too closely, but I am thoroughly disappointed in his website posting on the subject. I know Neumayr personally, and he is a fine upstanding Catholic. I cannot believe Mr. Donahue took sides with Cardinal Wuerl. I wonder where most of his donations come from and if it is possible to see who pays him to say what he does.

A few years ago, a Catholic Church in New England was vandalized. Of course, it was an independent chapel, so "Mr. Prime Time" said nothing. He's part of the Establishment, which isn't exactly a badge of honor these days. Exhibit B: This case. He attacks the author of this piece as a "right-wing fanatic," apparently because the author has committed the terrible crime of calling a spade a spade. We wouldn't want Donohue to lose his face time on cable "news" programs, would we? He'd better just keep toeing that Company line.
Bill Donohue is a shrill phony man. We don't need another version of Abe Foxman in the Catholic Church.

Bill Donohue is  the man who went on EWTN during the Holy Father's papal visit to America, and said that he didn't care if priests were Homosexual or not. Donohue flatly stated he had no problem with gay priests.

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