Hi all,

After having lurked on this forum for a few weeks now, I have decided to join finally. I find the outlook(s) and discussions on here a welcome relief from the liberal filth constantly exposed to me on a daily basis. I'm quite new to the intricacies of traditional Catholicism, so I hope that by participating in this forum, I can come to a richer understanding of the Faith as well as the surrounding issues.

Just a little bit about myself: I am a student temporarily residing in Los Angeles, CA. I've been attending the NO Mass my entire life (I think I only have been to one traditional Latin Mass). Since I go to school in LA and do not own a car, the only way for me to fulfill my Sunday obligation is to go to a NO Mass either at a nearby chapel operated by the Paulist Fathers (very liberal & verging on being heretical) or at one operated by Opus Dei (very conservative & reverent). I currently attend the latter, and though I have noticed that some here have an aversion to the organization, I personally have not encountered anything heterodox from them. I suppose at this point in time my interest in / involvement with Traditionalism purely is intellectual. I agree that this is a very dark & grim time for the Church and that the only way to counter the heresies, false ecumenism, mass apostasy from the Faith, etc., is to restore Tradition. Conversely, it is very difficult for me to actually attend a TLM, much less spread my convictions to others. So I'm currently in this odd situation, where though I'm convinced that traditionalists are right, I don't actually know any traditionalists personally & don't actually attend the TLM.

Anyway, just thought I would introduce myself and my situation.

I hope to converse more with you all in the future.

May God bless you!
Ecclesia Militans,

I too am new to the forum, so from one new poster to another, welcome!

I too came toward Tradition intellectually, having converted to Catholicism intellectually and then wondering why what I saw in my original average-Novus Ordo parish did not seem to line up with what I read and studied. Tradition has only recently become more than an intellectual "thing" for me as I have been able to assist at the Traditional Mass more regularly.

My thoughts are two:
1) try to get to/find the Traditional Mass
2) keep reading, learning, and praying. Soak Catholicism up, because the more real Catholicism one gets, the more one wants. It is about the Mass, but not just the Mass. The destroyers had the Mass at one point too.

I will remember you in my Rosary intentions this evening.

Here are two links to a list of latin masses in CA.  Maybe (hopefully) there's one closer to you than you think.

Welcome to fisheaters!
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Welcome to Fish Eaters, Ecclesia Militans (and you too MRose).  I used to go to Mass celebrated by Opus Dei priests many years ago and remember them as reverent and teaching sound doctrine.  If I did not have access to a TLM, I wouldn't mind going to them.  I know they have a bad reputation, though I personally have no bad experiences with them.  My husband disapproved of me going to their activities and so I stopped.
Hi there! Welcome aboard!
Welcome.  :)
Welcome! You will find much of the truth here, it will help you wash away some of that liberal filth!

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