SSPX Deal: But Will the Fat Lady Sing? — article by Fr. Cekada
(04-19-2012, 05:24 PM)FatherCekada Wrote:
(04-19-2012, 02:55 PM)Ray M Facere Wrote: Father, why is the first thing that pops into your mind about doing the deal the property? Bad memories about splitting from the SSPX in the United States and waging a war against them in secular legal fora for control over that very thing?

Lest we forget, though, the faith is not about the material. Chapels can be bought and sold, property can be lost and regained -- who was it that said we better not sacrifice our souls over a piece of land? Oh yeah, Him...

Other than that, I like your analysis -- a reunion would establish a bright line distinction.

See my above post for more on the property question.

In fact, the very point that caused Archbishop Lefebvre to blow up and expel us in April 1983 was our insistence (especially mine) that legal provisions be permanently inserted into the legal documents for  all U.S. chapel corporations that would in effect prevent the Novus Ordo clergy from ever functioning in them or the "reformed" rites from being used.

We fought him tooth and nail in civil court because we suspected that he or his successor would one day sell out to the modernists — just what it seems Bp. Fellay is in the process of doing.
[Image: 250px-Portrait_Msg_Marcel_Lefebvre_1960s.jpg]

For a man who practically saved the TLM from being completely wiped out from the face of the planet.
The man who ordained you an alter Christus.
A man who publicly said he was not a sedevacante. (In fact, he denounced it).
Gets a a lawsuit from his own.......
I'll take the fifth on this one.

Prudence Alex.

May God steer you to the correct path Fr. (The only path).
God bless.


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