SSPX Deal: But Will the Fat Lady Sing? — article by Fr. Cekada
(04-19-2012, 05:57 PM)Ray M Facere Wrote:
Quote:We fought him tooth and nail in civil court because we suspected that he or his successor would one day sell out to the modernists — just what it seems Bp. Fellay is in the process of doing.

Wow -- I never really understood the sadness on the part of Archbishop Lefebvre conveyed in the stories about the splintering of the SSPX in the United States until reading your reply here. You had suspicions all along that the man who ordained you -- whom you owned your priesthood and theological inspiration -- and made life easier for Tradition at a great sacrifice to himself, was going to "sell out to the modernists"? What sadness that must have been indeed...

Well, of course.

During the first years I was in SSPX ('75-'79), the archbishop's position on various issues seemed to be in a state of flux. Nevertheless, the majority of his statements during those years took a very hard line against the Conciliar Church.

In an interview in '76 about his suspension by Paul VI, the archbishop himself even raised the possibility of a heretical pope who had lost his office — this was several years, mind you, before the word "sedevacantism" had even been invented. So, I always hoped that he would settle into the "hard line" for good.

With the election of JP2, however,  he went into his diplomat/negotiation mode. This was naturally a great disappointment for many of us, especially when one considered how effectively he could have waged war against the modernists — he was an astoundingly eloquent preacher.

But alas, it was not to be. In the '80s, there was more and more talk of a deal, brokered by Ratzinger. Our break with him in '83 was in part due to one of the conditions he had agreed to as part of the deal with Ratzinger — all priests would have to use the John XXIII Missal.

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