SSPX Deal: But Will the Fat Lady Sing? — article by Fr. Cekada
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(04-19-2012, 10:55 PM)tmw89 Wrote: Looks like this is another thread to watch - to see if/how Fr. Cekada will address Gerard's arguments.

He has already address this. His response will be: do not confuse private orders from the pope with the universal laws of the Church or it's Ordinary Magisterium.

That simply doesn't hold.  You can't claim the absolutist position of resisting/negotiating with a Pope as contrary to submission and then claim the right to sift over and determine the level of authority required for submission to particular orders.  So, in order to keep the internal consistency of the initial premise, you have to deny the legitimacy of the Pope, or deny the testimony of reason and pretend that what is coming from the Pope is good even if it's bad.  The alternative position held by the SSPX is inconvenient simply because of the inconsistency and lack of trustworthiness of the Popes, so like dealing with any person who is inconsistent, some days they are good and others they are not so good. 

The orders of Pope Boniface to St. Celestine (former Pope) were no different than any orders given to LeFebvre, except LeFebvre's disobediences were actually involved in the carrying out of his duty as a bishop while Celestine's disobedience was based purely on his personal wishes.   And regarding the Deacon that was ordered to give answers for the corpse of Pope Formosus, that resulted in declarations of invalidity regarding the ordinations of Formosus and various other claims of invalidity.  All of which were overturned and then reversed and then overturned again by subsequent Popes.

Laws in the Latin Church only are hardly guaranteed purity by the Holy Ghost.  They are not universal since they don't bind the Eastern Churches.   And "private orders" are not exercises of "the teaching authority" (ie. magisterium) of the Church.  They are acts of governance and when they are not for the good of the Church, they are not laws but abuses of power.  But, in principle, the absolutist who insists on submission is not free to make those distinctions and act accordingly.

Clearly in denial.

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