SSPX Deal: But Will the Fat Lady Sing? — article by Fr. Cekada
It's gonna be hard to refute Gerard's argument.  All points taken well defined.

clarkaim Wrote:Your agument gave me the "aha!" experience I've been looking for.  I was a "sortofa cantist" that could not quite commit to the sede position, as much sense as it makes.  Now I don't feel the need to go there.  That being said, in these days of confusiion I am NOT ready to boot those that are sede's out.  I also love Fr. Cekada and find him a voice of great clarity in a confusing world.  I believe "SV's" may be wrong on a point of fact, but they are not "heretics" for the most part and are fully catholic from what I can glean from 20 years of trying to figure this all out.  I will never compromise the faith to the extent I am able and always submit my ideas to the subjection of Holy Mother Church, but like I said, you argument was succinct and clear and solves the issue, at least for me and mine.  Thanks.

Just a nota bene:  heresy and schism are not synonymous.  Denial of a doctrine that must be believed with divine and catholic faith (say, the Papacy) could be either material or formal heresy, depending on the opinion proffered.  Schism is the willful separation from the unity of the Church.   "By false doctrines concerning God," declared St. Augustine, "heretics wound the faith; by sinful dissensions schismatics deviate from fraternal charity, although they believe what we believe.

By all the discussions here, I take note than most here see the Ark of Salvation (the Catholic Church) sinking because it is being steered by the wrong helmsman.  It seems those swimming alongside her have still a chance of salvation, unlike those in Noe's time, everybody drowned.


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