SSPX Deal: But Will the Fat Lady Sing? — article by Fr. Cekada
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Since in the event of a deal with the Vatican, SSPX would have to conform to the principles of Canon Law, Benedict XVI and his successors would indeed have the ultimate authority over SSPX property. The SSPX Superior General and officials of his General Council sit on the various U.S. corporations ex officio, and B16 and his successors could indeed appoint others to in their place at any time whatsover.

Under "deference," US courts would recognize this, and send any potential Fr. Cekadas packing posthaste.
So, they would be Catholic rather than Conregationalists?  And schismatics trying to steal property wouldn't be able to?  And this is bad somehow?  ???

Not if you believe Benedict XVI is a true pope, which SSPX claims it does.

Oh good, so no real problem then.  :grin:

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Well, what do you care about the property of a bunch of sell-outs anyway?  :LOL:

Nada. It wouldn't affect me one way or another.

But the issue is connected with the larger issue here: will the fat lady finally sing?

If Bp. Fellay signs the Doctrinal Preamble, then the canonical arrangements for SSPX will have to be settled. This will, naturally, touch upon property ownership questions, because this is treated in the Code of Canon Law, and it is one of the areas which could sink the deal.

Even in the mid-70s, Archbishop Lefebvre indicated he was worried what would happened to the properties if he cut a deal. I remember one conference where he made a joke about Paul VI's intentions in this regard, and made with his fingers the universal sign for money.

Apart from the fat lady issue, SSPX-ers who have been living in a state of suspended animation for the past forty years should get used to the idea of what deal with the Vatican could mean for them personally. "Gee, if someone is the pope, he has the final say on everything, including what goes on in my neighborhood SSPX chapel."

Those of us whom the modernists drove out of our churches in the '60s and '70s can probably give you a tip or two about how this works....

So, you are scare-mongering, by saying that Vatican could do to the SSPX what you personally have done.  I admire your kindness.  :eyeroll:

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