SSPX Deal: But Will the Fat Lady Sing? — article by Fr. Cekada
I am merely curiously wondering in what sense or meaning is the  word "negotiate" used here.  There is a nuanced (subtle) distinction in the expression:  is it meant to convey, transmit, sign over, or to arrange for or bring about by discussion and settlement of terms?    Is it to "negotiate" when you ask Jesus to cure a relative who is suffering from a deadly disease and make a promise to Him that you will offer the next seven holy Communions and 30 rosaries in honor of His Sacred Heart?  Quid pro quo with Our Savior?  It's done all the time, but for good reasons.  When Christ sent His mother to convey His message for the Consecration of Russia and world peace will be achieved, isn't that "negotiating" with the pope or is it a command?  If Benedict is "not" the pope then you can't negotiate with him because he has no powers whatsoever regarding Church business.  If he is the pope, then he is in charged and it is church business as usual.

Actually, the Holy Ghost is still in charged as far as I can remember from the Scriptures.  The "negotiation" between the SSPX and the Pope will be resolved by Him, unless we have lost confidence that He is still the Paraclete and we go about our own mind electing and deposing popes as we desire and will.  Why don't we just go to the Cornfield and hash this out, instead of waiting for the song from the fat lady, who at the moment might be having an inflammation of the larynx.  And who knows when she'll her voice back?

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