Baby Dies After 9 Vaccines in One Day
(04-28-2012, 12:38 PM)Pheo Wrote: Yes, vaccines can cause fevers.  Those fevers can then go on to cause febrile seizures - a relatively common occurrence in kids (as far as seizures go), but one with almost no longterm risk.  I just spent 6 weeks with a family doctor and he tells all of the parents about this risk before hand.  He also asks them to call the office just to see how things go, but in nearly 30 years of practice he hasn't had a single case of a febrile seizure after giving a vaccine.  So sure it happens, but that article sounds completely hysterical.

Fox guarding the chickens?

  The era of the vaccine will come to an end. The medical establishment,for fear of repercussion, is holding desperately onto the door frame of a misguided and flawed practice that has done untold damage for little good.The ludicrous advice for parents dealing with children under going chemical lobotomies is evidence of desperation and lack  of care or understanding.

Empirically vaccines are now known to have had little impact on the eradication of disease and in fact have caused epidemics.One small example:

CDC Admits: 2008 Smallpox Outbreak in US Caused by Vaccine

Quote:"The 'victory over epidemics' was not won by medical science or by doctors--and certainly not by vaccines.....the decline...has been the result of technical, social and hygienic improvements and especially of improved nutrition.  Here the role of the potato...deserves special mention.....Consider carefully whether you want to let yourself or your children undergo the dangerous, controversial, ineffective and no longer necessary procedure called vaccination, because the claim that vaccinations are the cause for the decline of infectious diseases is utter nonsense."--The Vaccination Nonsense (2004 Lectures)---Dr. med. G. Buchwald...

....After it was definitely known that the BCG-vaccine was ineffective and harmful it took the STIKO 27 years to remove the vaccine from its list of recommended vaccines.  The only possible explanation for this behaviour is that the leading proponents of vaccination were reluctant to have to report such an embarrassing finding. In the sanatoriums, the ineffectiveness of this vaccine was already a known fact since the beginning of the 1960s, while its proponents defended it vehemently for another 40 years. ---Dr Buchwald (The Decline of Tuberculosis despite "Protective" Vaccination by Dr. Gerhard Buchwald M.D


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