PBS on the Radical Nuns.
The denial of Orginal Sin was supported by the false theory of macro-evolution and it seems Cardinal Pell has fallen for this theory and has had to change his teaching on original sin and the fall.
I'm not sure how evolution affects the teaching on original sin.
Perhaps a hundred years or so ago, Catholic bishops and priest start taking seriously the silly theory of evolution.  Then they conclude that the Adam and Eve story is just a myth.  We are just evolved animals.  THOSE bishops and priests then try to make the Church relevant.  Obviously without Adam and Eve, there is no Original Sin.  So we get the Omega  Point and the false dignity of man.  This is where modernism comes from.

Yes there are deluded souls who believe in evolution, and believe that God put a "soul" into some apes and this was Adam and Eve.  And these apes fell.  I am not talking about them.

I am talking about the bishops and priests who concluded the whole Adam and Eve story is a myth.  The Original Sin becomes actually just people not being nice.  Before long, the Faith is gone.

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