Comedy Central's blaspheme
(Please read with caution. This is very disturbing.)

    As you celebrate May, the month of Mary, others are blaspheming her in the most repugnant and vulgar ways imaginable.

    In fact, according to press reports, late last week on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”, Jon Stewart explained how Christianity began with a “convenient alibi” of a teenage girl (sic, The Virgin Mary) to her parents…

“You can easily say that Christianity was created by a knocked up teenage girl who told her parents an angel had come down and…
Stewart was then interrupted with laughter, but not before they showed a huge picture of a pregnant Virgin Mary on the screen.”
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After Jon Stewart’s Daily Show did the “vagina manger” bit, I lost all respect for the guy.

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Warning graphic image at this link
There's no point in complaining - not to c.c.  Just pray you drag your skin (and theirs) to heaven, and be content that God shall judge them.  "Save yourself from this preverse generation."
This individual was always a cheap, hack entertainer relying upon the scatological to stimulate his herd of followers.

To attack the Virign Mary, particularly in this manner, is typical Jewish blindness that culminates in the pure hatred of the Divine, first manifested at the Crucifixion.  In a civilized society, this behavior would be directly and boldly punished.  In any event, this 'Jon Stewart' will receive his reward in time.

Funny how Comedy Central can blaspheme Our Lady, but not say anything negative about the False prophet Mohammed.
Jon Stewart is a liberal scumbag.

How people like him, devoid of any decency and substance, achieve public notoriety is beyond me.

EDIT: Signed the petition.
(05-09-2012, 07:10 PM)MRose Wrote: Funny how Comedy Central can blaspheme Our Lady, but not say anything negative about the False prophet Mohammed.

Golden words.

There's a quote from an author whose name escapes me: "Anti-Catholicism is the last socially accepted prejudice in the 21st century."

Signed  it.
I wouldn't have read this but I just happened to be looking at the latest posts, and saw 'signed it'. If you put the word petition in the subject line you might get one or two more signatures. Thanks for the alert.

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