proof from logic alone of the immortal nature of the human soul
(05-12-2012, 08:12 PM)Parmandur Wrote: The number 4 is a form without matter.  The soul, divorced from the body, is as well.

But isn't the number 4 a universal, as opposed to the unrepeatable soul divorced from the body? Can they really be compared? I can easily see how a universal cannot die, but something unrepeatable?
Quote:St. Bernard teaches that the soul, to fully become its form, must have a body, which is the ultimate secret of detachment from the body: that the soul and body  are a unit, and thus resurrection is the ultimate fulfillment of the form of the soul, rather than reincarnation or become "pure form" or something.

I think here we hit on an interesting point: it is not that we need revelation to know that the soul is immortal, but that Resurrection in bodily form is the end game.  Pagans know their souls will go on, but they theorize transmigration (known as reincarnation, but a bit of a misnomer) or becoming pure spirit as opposed to the revealed Christian belief in a bodily resurrection.  We can know that there is a God by natural reason; but the Trinity requires belief in special revelation.  We can know that our souls are immortal purely by reason; but we need special revelation to believe in the resurrection of the dead.

And we can say that people can know there is a God, and can know their souls are immortal without any need of revelation for a blessedly simple reason: they did and they do.  That actuality proves possibility is an old, old standard.

This seems to say that divine revelation is needed not for belief in the immortal nature of the soul, but for belief in resurrection. That's easy to understand. But what about my earlier question about the claim in the book that the human soul must be immortal because it has no parts? Do you know how to explain that to me?

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